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10 Tips To Ensure Your Baby Naps More

4 years ago / Hidden

Having a baby can be challenging for a variety of reasons, but one of the most difficult reasons is feeling like you aren’t able to get anything done because of how needy your baby can be.

A lot of new moms may feel like they are abandoning baby by putting her in the crib when they need to vacuum, but the truth is that your baby needs a ton of sleep to grow and develop in the way that she’s supposed to.

Additionally, according to Dr. William Sears, babies who nap better throughout the day sleep better throughout the night, and we all know what a wonderful thing that can be! Here are 8 simple tips you can try to ensure your baby naps more:

1. Swaddle Your Sweetheart - Velcro swaddles can help any mother to save her sanity and her sleep. Swaddling helps to mimic being held, so you can get a break and your baby can get some beauty rest (not that he needs it). The velcro is recommended if you’re not used to swaddling your baby, as it makes things foolproof and fast.

2. Repeat Routines - Find a rhythm and stick to it. If your baby always wears the same thing at bedtime, is played a certain song right before sleep, or goes to sleep immediately after being fed — then that blanket, lullaby, or bottle can have him yawning the same way that a bell makes Pavlov’s dogs salivate. Keeping nap at the same times every single day can also help tremendously with baby’s ability to fall asleep quickly.

3. Fill Her Up - Digestion can brings on sleep and a full belly assures that your little one won’t wake up early looking for food! There are different theories associated with whether baby should eat, then sleep or play, or play, then sleep, then eat. Find out which pattern works for you and do it every single day!

4. Get Gripe Water - The only griping that should involve your baby should be gripe water. Gripe Water is a supplement for babies that’s all natural and generally contains things like ginger and fennel. It’s extremely effective for working quickly against stomach discomfort, gas, colic, hiccups, and even fussiness associated with teething.

5. Don’t Walk on Eggshells - If you are always tiptoeing around during nap time then you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of shushing! Go about your regular activity so that your child grows accustomed to a little noise. When in doubt, put on a little white noise and get that laundry running!

6. Know the Signs - Rubbing eyes, yawning and nodding off are all good indications your baby is ready to go to sleep. Don’t wait until she is asleep in your arms. It is good to get your child accustomed to drifting off solo. While co-dependency may be sweet, the novelty will wear off when you’re sleep deprived and coddling a 5 year old!

7. Avoid “Temperature Tantrums” - Each room in a home tends to vary in temperature. Keep this in mind when putting your child down. To save time and sanity, you can invest in a baby monitor that not only keeps track of baby’s noises and movements, but also the temperature of his room. The optimal temperature for infant sleep is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Parent Magazine.

8. Get the Best Crib Mattress Possible - It’s important that your baby have a crib that supports his neck and spine so that he’s able to sleep without injury, and get the best amount of sleep possible. If you’re not sure which cribs to stay away from or which to choose, here’s a ranking of the Top 6 Best Baby Bed Mattresses in 2017, compared, from Sleep Advisor blog

9. Make Sure to Pamper Yourself - Your baby can totally pick up on your mindset, mood, and attitude, so just make sure that you know it’s going to get easier as you go along. For stressful days, make sure to pamper yourself! Here’s a fabulous list of products from Flora Isabelle that are safe for both mom and baby.

10. Make Sure your Nursery is a Soothing Environment - You stressed for months before baby was born to make sure you picked out the right bed, crib mattress, decorations, and paint scheme— sometimes we can get a little carried away with the aesthetic and forget that what baby really needs is a dark, quiet, calm place to nap. Make sure your walls aren’t too bright, there aren’t too many distractions, or that there’s not too much light in the room at nap time.

Turning your baby into a perfect napper isn’t easy, but it’s definitely doable. The best thing is to remind yourself that this isn’t a situation that will last forever. With these simple tips, in no time at all you’ll have baby, well — sleeping like a baby!