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1028 Christmas Set

6 years ago / beauty / 1028

My new favourite mascara and eyelash curler!

I've always believed that for a girl to look groomed all the time, all she needs is neat brows (I go for regular sessions at Browhaus!), a swipe of mascara and a good lippie.

As such, I always have mascara in my handbag and for years, I've tried and tested so many brands ranging from drugstore ones such as Maybelline and L'Oreal to counter brands such as Dior and Lancome.

When 1028 passed me their Irresistible Christmas Kit to try, I was super duper excited! Especially after seeing the gorgeous picture of Xiao S on the cover:

This is WITHOUT false lashes! Just 4 coats of their Miracle Extension Collection :heart_eyes:


This Miracle Extension Collection allows you to achieve falsies effect in just 5 min!

How it works is that you first apply one coat of the Miracle Extension (left), one coat of the Miracle Extender and seal it with another coat of the Miracle Extension again. Repeat to desired effect.

Me without any eye makeup. Can you see how barren my eye lashes look?

This is with just ONE coat of the Miracle Mascara Collection - see how long my lashes look already!

No clumps at all and soooo fuss-free as compared to dealing with all the glue and mess when it comes to fake lashes!

The best part? Despite being smudge-proof and water resistant, it can be easily be removed with warm water in 10secs! I know... the irony right? I tried it out myself and I was really surprised. I have really oily lids so my mascara using gives me panda bits by midday but this one stayed put through the day and at 10pm when I tried to remove it, all I did was to soak a cotton pad with warm water, press it down for a couple of seconds (in fact I think it was less than 10!) and it was easily removed with just one simple swipe.

Perfect for busy girls out there!

I generally prefer to go for the minimal makeup look but it's party season now, and this mascara can easily create the falsies effect!

This with just two coats! (On one eye)

See the before/ after?!

You can see this video by 小S for more info:

Moving on...

I also LOVE the eyelash curler that comes with the set!

Specially designed for Asian eyes which are less deep set, this curler gently curls up all the lashes (even though right at the inner corners) without hurting the eye lid. To be honest, I have been using my Shu Uemura eyelash curler for YEARS because it's known to be better for Asian eye shapes right? But this 1028 curler is really much better to me - it's easier to use and it takes up ALL the lashes in one try. In fact, I was texting the marketing manager of 1028 that they should sell this product on its own because it's just so fab! (It's now only available in this Christmas kit.)

Another product that comes with the Christmas set will be this Ultimate Eyeliner.

This eyeliner is really very very very smooth and I love how BLACK it is.

See how intense the color is? The brush tip is very easy to use and is pretty fine so it's perfect to draw that winged eyeliner tip. And it dries really quickly too - in a few seconds! So no more smudgy eyelids mess! This eyeliner is 24hrs long wearing and smudge proof but yet also to remove.

This Irresistible Christmas Kit is exclusive to Sasa at an exceptional promotional price of $45.90! While stocks last!

(The usual price is $67.70 so it's a whopping 32% discount!) But to be honest, I would have bought it at the usual price anyway because their products are really comparable, if not better, than the counter brands I have tried. (At much more pocket-friendly prices!)

I'm so getting these kits for my girlfriends for our Christmas gift exchange.

1028 can be found at SaSa, Watsons, John Little as well as Beauty Carousel and Sosoon.

Join them on Facebook and Instagram too for the latest updates!

Enjoy! xx

This is a sponsored post but the opinions are entirely of my own.