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My 2018 in review

2 years ago / personal / working girl

You are what you do.

I can't believe I'm writing this at 2100 hrs on 31/12/2018 which makes me actually in time... for once haha. My previous years' reflections were almost all written after the New Year iirc and I didn't even manage to complete last year's fml.

In a nutshell, 2018 was conflicting. On one hand, it was my best year yet cause of Nate but on the hand, it was rather tumultuous. But oh well, I suppose that's life - it goes on.

So how was my year exactly?

The Good

A child will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, a home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.

Undeniably, Nate. That boy has changed my perception entirely about life and every single day, I discover something new about myself by being his mother. I thought I would be the typical Asian Tiger Mom (what's up with all these Montessori touch-here-touch-there nonsense?!) but I ended up becoming a firm believer of play-based and child-led learning lolol.

Being a Mom has also introduced me to some fellow Moms who have become some of my favourite people in this world and hopefully whose children will become BFFs with Nate. What started as a Tula obsession self-help WhatsApp group (for real hahahaha) eventually evolved to a pre-school hunting network and now, handbags chatter. The only qualm I have is that I end up buying way too much stuff thanks to their raving reviews and recommendations lol.

I discovered the joy of acai bowls (I eat 3 or 4 bowls a week wth) and rekindled my relationship with caffeine. In fact, I am sipping on some Thai milk tea as I type this yum yum.

I also travelled quite a fair bit this year: to Japan with JR EAST, to Shenzhen with MMI, to Perth with bubs and hubs, to Resorts World Genting where these pictures were taken, went on board the Genting Dream twice haha and back to Japan with the family.

On the work front, this year has made me get out of my comfort zone and rediscover where my strengths and interests lie.

The Bad

I posted a lot less on social media this year. Partly because of how I've come to embrace (and appreciate) the rawness of IG stories and partly cause it's been getting kinda conflicting re how I wanna be public yet private at the same time wtf. I mean, as lucky as I am to be able to make a living with my “influence” on social media, I'm also starting to question myself about said influence and my identify - both on and/ offline. Am I @nathanielkaigo's Mom? Or am I a digital #girlboss wannabe juggling too many hats? Am I still a "beauty blogger"? What about the work I do and volunteerism activities I partake in that don't actually make it to Instagram? Should I make an attempt to document them online? It's kinda confusing really. Will the real Flora Isabelle please stand up?

I also lost quite a bit of money that I doubt I can recover and it's quite shitty lah haha.

The Ugly

I learned (the hard way) that I'm actually a very poor judge of character and how some people can be very good at faking the victim card lol.

But oh well. Time will tell.

(Gosh, it rhymes haha.)

Moving forward, I'm actually pretty excited about the new year. There are new plans on the charts, new ventures possibly, new travel destinations and a new place to move into!

I don't exactly do new year resolutions cause I suck at keeping to them hahahah and all I want this year is to be a better person wtf. I know it sounds damn Dalai Lamai wannabe but yeah, I hope to be a better mother, a better wife, a better worker, a better employer, a better customer, a better cook... you get the drift. And I'll let the universe take care of the rest.

Oh, and to try intermittent fasting and to get back to yoga. WISH ME LUCK!