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24 hours in KL

5 years ago / travel / malaysia / kuala lumpur

Quick, brief but still good! The food omg, the foooood!

So I was in KL recently for work and in between meetings (and copious amount of eating that totally deserves a blog post of its own), we managed to play quite a bit of tourist - though technically, I AM a tourist lol - and here's my take on how you can take on this city if you've only got a weekend!

It amazes me HOW dusty the windows of the MH planes are

Transport KLIA Ekspres & Uber

I was actually pretty impressed by the KLIA Ekspres that takes you directly from the airport in just 30 minutes or so - no worrying about traffic and having to deal with scary taxi drivers (lol we've heard the stories right?!) Additionally, I highly recommend using Uber to get around the city... the drivers are super well-mannered, polite and didn't feel like they were going to rob, rape, murder me and harvest my kidneys wtf.

Sundays at Bangsar

I highly recommend you spend your Sunday at Bangsar, just chillin' at the numerous cafes (we went to ACME) and dessert parlours.

Followed by an OOTD picture,

Or two lol.

Suria KLCC

I know this is probably THE most touristy mall in the entire KL but sometimes the most mainstream places have the best stuff, like..

Little Penang Kafe! I had blogged about this place a couple of years ago (hence the lousy pictures lol) but the food is still good... so much so that I went back both days for lunch. I highly recommend the assam laksa, fried kway tiao and 3-layer milk tea.

Also, if you intend to go up to the observation deck of the Petronas Towers, you should purchase your tickets a day or two before... we ambitiously thought we can just stroll in happily, only to realise that tix have been sold out for the day :sob:

So we settled for bottom-up pictures instead, still pretty good lol.

Greyhound Cafe

Greyhound in Bangkok is one of my absolute favourite cafes and I was so stoked to see them in KL (again, why can't they just cross the causeway and make it to Singapore too?!)

The menu is pretty similar to that of Bangkok's and they open till 11pm so Melissa and I had some pretty good tete-a-tete over frozen Thai iced milk tea... I really wanted to order their coconut cake but I didn't have much stomach space left after the awesome dinner (which will all go into a Eating in KL post soon lol.)

101, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When they closed, we stepped out to...

Times Square

No seriously, even I had a New York moment for a second too.

This stretch of Bukit Bintang where the Times Square of KL stand has a pretty impressive view when night falls.

And also where I captured these pictures,

I miss my blue-black hair. I'm actually typing this from Headlines RIGHT NAO where I'm switching up my hair colour to ASH. I'm actually really excited about it... more updates on my alter-ego account @floraisaHELL lol.

Also, I had stayed at the newly-opened Fraser Suites when I was in KL and I really recommend it if you're looking for a place in the city centre. The rooms are HUGE and the bathrooms come with double sinks (!!!) though the tradeoff is that the breakfast sucks balls. I strongly suggest you skip it and save the calories for more char kway tiao at Little Penang Kafe lol.

Till next time!