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5 Simple Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

4 years ago / Hidden

Girls can never have enough of clothes. From casual to formal, we want them all! Dresses, jeans, shorts and so much more! Our fashion necessities just keep increasing and piling up. Keeping it casual in the summer time and heating it up in the spring break, we need new clothes! As much as we would want to buy new ones, it's always better to save money and invest elsewhere.

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We all love experimenting with our clothes and what they represent. We want our personalities to be reflected through them. But do we really want to spend all our summer savings on that new denim or a crop top? Keeping up with the trends may be difficult; but not when you have life-saving hacks for all your old outfits!

Sew a Patch

Adding a colored patch on your shirt is another way of making it look brand new! For instance, sew a denim patch on the shoulder of your white t shirt and make it look new. Or sew a red patch on the front pocket of your button-down shirt. There endless possibilities of adding patches for a little effortless and edgy look. Don't have a sewing machine? Take a look at these picks we found on and decide for yourself.

Tie a Knot

Wearing your classic blue denim and white tee look today? Add a little edge by tying a knot of the tee by hem on one side. The tee will look shorter, cooler and definitely more edgy. You can even wear a colored tank top underneath and tie the knot higher to reveal the tank from beneath. Not only are you adding another color to the same old white t-shirt, but also adding high fashion to your everyday look.

Distress it

We can't seem to get enough of distressed clothes! Find your old pair of denims you haven't worn for a while and distress them from the knees. You can even take out an old denim jacket and distress that from the shoulders. The garment becomes brand new! Distress your old shirt from under the neck hole and wear a colored tank top underneath to show. Easy as breeze!

Pair Odd Garments

If you want to revamp your outfit, try wearing two garments you haven't tried before. Maybe this time a leather jacket paired with a skirt instead of your denims. Pair your t shirt with the casual, flowing skirt this time. Mix and match with prints and colors to make a new outfit this time. Go with a plaid shirt with striped pants. There's no telling you otherwise!

Cut a Hole or Two

Honestly, it's more about wearing with confidence than what you're wearing! Don't like an old tee but have nothing new to wear? Cut a hole under your neck hole and make it chic. Cut a hole in the arm and make it a cold-shoulder top. Cut 2-3 holes in a linear format to make a brand new, edgy shirt. There's nothing better than experimenting with scissors!