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5 Tips to Make You a Pro Barista in No Time

5 years ago / Hidden

Who doesn’t love coffee?

That was rhetorical. Everyone does. However, how good the coffee is is largely dependent on how good the barista is. Why do you think the coffee in your office tastes so bad? Because it’s not made by a barista, duh! Being a good barista is an art not many have. It takes effort, practice and patience and a few hundred other things that will make you rise to the top on the barista hierarchy. Just kidding. With these 5 tips, you will be a pro barista in no time.

1. Get the Perfect Beans

Make sure that you are using the best coffee beans. Don’t flake on that. Starbucks sources its own beans from fields in South America which is why no coffee shop has been able to meet that standard. Coffee beans are the foundation of a good cup of coffee, so this is a step you invest in.

2. Choose Right Equipment

Equipment can make or break your coffee. Gone are the days of domestic coffee makers. Professional baristas use the best equipment to make their coffee truly un-matchable. Otherwise, why would people leave the comfort of their homes just to have overpriced coffee? Because they can’t match the perfection of a professionally blended cup of coffee. You can find a decent home espresso machine for less than $200.

3. Do Some Research

Try out local coffee shops. Even your neighborhood cafes can have the perfect cup of coffee. Go on a coffee hunt with friends and make a day out of it to find out which coffee tastes the best. Ask the barista what beans they are using. Request them to recommend something and order that. You’d be surprised what sells and what doesn’t.

4. Create the Perfect Blend

This one takes loads of practice, but it is truly worth it. Experiment experiment experiment. You need to know what works, and what doesn’t. So it obviously takes time. OBVIOUSLY. There is no such thing as a born barista. It is all about work, taste tests, and effort.

5. Don’t be a Copycat

Having a unique style is what differentiates a good barista from an average one. There is a reason why competitions like Coffee Masters where baristas from around the world compete exist. It is because not everyone can be a great one. It’s not just about latte art or having the perfect shade of coffee, it’s the perfect blend, the perfect brew, the perfect temperature, the perfect cup, the perfect size and many other factors that lead to getting the perfect cup of coffee.

This is why trying to copy others is the worst game plan one can have to reach to the top. It won’t get you to that sweet place where people actually know you and your coffee, and don’t just know you as the barista who works the night or day shifts at a particular coffee shop.

Finally, enjoy yourself. This is existentially important. You can’t excel at anything if you stress your way into it. Only a relaxed mind can create good art, and coffee is art. Take a breath, relax, and pour that coffee like it’s the best cup ever to be made on Earth.