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5 Ways to Spice Up an Executive Office

5 years ago / Hidden

Designing an office space is usually just a matter of preference, but you'll have more freedom when selecting components for an executive office space, as it goes without saying that the position comes with its perks and privileges. You don't want your prestigious area looking like a mere worker's desk, especially considering it's not that difficult to add a few finishing touches that will really set things off. Sometimes, it's the little things that make all the difference, such as the following five suggestions:

1. Cigar Box

Whether you smoke or not, there's something about a classy box of cigars that says: “that's right, I'm in charge here.” Of course, an ordinary box of cigars won't do the job if you're aiming to impress, so it's best to opt for some of the more high-end varieties like the kinds sold on On the other hand, you don't have to spend a fortune on absurdly expensive cigars either, as the appearance of the box is really all that's going to matter if you're just using it for an office decoration.

2. Fish Tank

You're not going to walk into every place of business and see an exotic fish tank, which is exactly why it's a nice touch for an executive office. An aquarium is a great way to liven up a motionless room with movement and colors that can bring life to an otherwise bland backdrop. Collecting and watching fish is also a neat little side hobby to keep you busy during downtime.

3. Massage Chair

Regular ergonomic office chairs are good, but why not take it a step further and install a vibrating, heated massage chair that will help work out the kinks after a long day of grueling desk work? You may also want to have one or two massage chairs available for guests in your waiting room. While this addition doesn't do much for the design of the room, you and your guests will certainly appreciate the difference in comfort.

4. Exotic Lamps

Lighting is a major component to focus on when you're redesigning an office space, but conventional lamps just aren't bossy enough for an executive office space. Instead, look for interesting and uniquely styled lamps that will create an elegant and luxurious look. Incorporating a variety of lamp styles is a good way to brighten up darker parts of the office with different shades and tones.

5. Luxurious Book Shelf

Finally, no executive office is complete without a robust bookshelf to store all your favorite reads. While most of us do the majority of our reading online nowadays, a good old-fashioned bookshelf still carries a visual appeal that gives your office a professional and prestigious look.

The Little Things Add Up

In closing, when you're designing your executive office space, remember to keep in mind that a great office is made up of many different small parts. Little knick-knacks and decorations like pendulums, chia pets, indoor plants, lava lamps, and other small touches can really give an office a personality of its own.