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6 Date Night Ideas You Can Have in a Car

4 years ago / Hidden

A car provides you with greater freedom than you have ever had before, which is why you should make the most of your set of wheels on a date night. If you are unsure where to start, check out the following six date night ideas you can have in a car.

A Romantic Picnic

Who needs to book a table at a fancy restaurant when you have the comfort of your car seats? It is a romantic twist on a dinner date, as you can park up at a scenic spot, play love songs of your choice and can enjoy delicious sandwiches and snacks. You could even lay a blanket in the boot of the vehicle to create a makeshift table for your romantic picnic.



If you are fortunate enough to live near the countryside and it’s a night of clear skies, you should enjoy an evening of stargazing with your partner. If you opt for the Jazz model from Honda Edinburgh, you can both stare up at the stars from the vehicle’s panoramic roof, as it can reveal the sky at the touch of a button, which is sure to impress your date. Don’t forget to take some blankets so you can cozy up as you stare at the twinkling stars.

The Drive-In

Watch a new or classic movie in the comfort of your car for the ultimate date night. Pack plenty of blankets, drinks and some popcorn to snuggle on up as you watch a flick. You can also laugh as loud as you want, as there is no usher to tell you to shush during the film.

A Spontaneous Date

See where the road takes you and take your date on a spontaneous date. Leave the GPS system at home to discover a hidden gem that you wouldn’t ordinarily have chosen to visit. You will have plenty of fun getting lost along the way, and you can guarantee you will make many wonderful memories together. You could even pack your date’s favorite snacks to make him or her fall in love with you that little bit more on the journey home.

Watch the Sunset


Nothing is more romantic than holding your date’s hand as you watch the sunset in the car. Drive out to the highest point you can find to watch the day turn into night. You will both be mesmerized by the warm orange glow, which will make you fall for your partner even more. It is an experience you both will never forget.

A Unique Glamping Experience

Drive to your local campsite to park the car and enjoy a romantic walk in the woodland. You will love strolling hand-in-hand in the great outdoors before returning to the car to start a fire, create s’mores and play some romantic music from your vehicle. When night falls, you can simply place down the car seats, pull out the sleeping bags and stare at the stars as you both fall asleep.