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6 Great Gift Ideas for Your Husband

4 years ago / Hidden

There is a myth that men are easier than women to shop for, but I have never had to wander aimlessly though the mall looking for something to buy one of my female friends. My husband, on the other hand, buys whatever he needs the moment he needs it, leaving me completely clueless as to what he may want. What I have discovered is that sometimes the best gifts for boyfriends and husbands are experiences and serious upgrades to everyday items.


Ditch the Bulky Wallet

Many guys have the same bulky wallet in their back pocket that they have had for years and they may not even realize how cumbersome they can be. After I gifted a family friend with a more streamlined slim wallet that has two simple slots for cards and cash, he was blown away by how much he loved it. Your boyfriend or husband may think he needs all that junk in his wallet, but he may appreciate a more minimal approach to carrying money. Plus, a slim wallet can easily be carried in a front pocket, which is so much better for the spine than sitting on a wallet every day.

Plan a Picnic

Food is the quickest way into anyone’s heart and your husband is no different. Pack a basket full of his favorite foods (extra points if everything is homemade) and beverages, and head to a cute park or sandy beach to have a picnic. You might want to avoid anything too sugary and make sure to keep things tightly sealed while they’re not in use, unless you want ants to make an appearance. Make sure to take comfy blankets, a Bluetooth speaker and even some games if you so wish (playing cards are an easy option).


Upgrade the Watch

Though some men buy a new watch with every season, many stick with the same one their moms got them for Christmas five years ago. Check out MVMT’s collection of modern watches for men. This company offers a slew of options, from the adventurous type to the young professional options. Pick one that seems to align the closest to your guy’s hobbies and he will appreciate your attention to detail.

Detail His Car

Some fellas are obsessed with their cars, to the point where they refuse to let anyone (even you) eat or drink in it. If this sounds like your fellow, surprising him with a luxury car detailing appointment will definitely make him swoon. The nice thing is that many companies have a wide array of packages to fit various budgets and needs. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for, they will probably customize the closest package to fit in with what you need (like extra attention spent on the roof where you accidentally smeared mascara).

Take an Adventure

Pretty much everyone loves to travel, but the preparation stage can be stressful and riddled with anxiety. If your man is the type to stress out easily, you may want to take the reins and plan everything yourself. Tell him you will be planning a multi-destination adventure for the two of you (or a solo trip for him only) and tell him to ask for a predetermined amount of time off work. If you are tight on funds and need him to help, just figure out the budget between the two of you and stick to it. Then plan everything, from the airline tickets and hotels to the restaurants and activities. You can make it exciting by not spilling the next location until you actually place the ticket in his hand.

Do Something He Loves

Is there something he has been dying to get you to try and you have so far been completely against the idea, like skydiving or spending an entire evening at an arcade? Or maybe he has never thought to ask if you would like to join in, but you know he would be thrilled if you did. The perfect gift is one that builds loving memories between the two of you that you carry with you for the rest of your lives. Besides, going bungee jumping with your husband would pretty much make you the coolest partner in crime ever.