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7 simple ways to lose weight without exercising

5 years ago / lifestyle / beauty / halley

Easy fuss-free lifestyle changes you can make to keep the pounds off!

If you have been following this space, you'd know that I've been losing weight. It's starting to get quite visible, so much so that people who see in real life have been asking, "HOW MUCH did you lose?!"

Circa November 2015

February 2016

The ironic thing is that this weight loss is happening right smack over the festive periods of Christmas then Chinese New Year where erm, a lot more social gatherings (which means lots of good food!!!) are taking place. I've also been very busy of late with year-end closing and setting up something new, so late nights have been really common and exercising has taken a (super) backseat. Not that I'm starving (food is TOO good to pass on!) but I've been able to keep the pounds off - and in fact, shed over 3 kilos of fats - with Halley Medical Aesthetics' Total Slim Programme.

Here're some tips from Dr. Terence Tan during consultation for the programme.

1) Stay away from 'healthy' food

Everything that you once thought is healthy? Stuff like nuts, milk (and other dairy products), museli bars, avocado, margarine, olive oil etc - stay far, far away from them.

Obviously I'm not asking you to turn to ice cream and fast food (they are not even anywhere near healthy in the first place!) but stuff like the above-mentioned perceived-to-be-healthy snacks are actually often loaded in sugar, fats and calories so you'll actually be much better off without them.

2) Fruit juices and liang tehs are full of sugar

You know all the Asian drinks like herbal teas, barley water, water chestnut drinks etc? They are more sugar water than anything!

Same goes for fruit juices - a cup of orange juice has 200 calories (I'll get to calorie counting next) while the entire fruit has just 80 calories.

My favorite beverage of choice these days is Coke Light. Zero sugar, zero calories and it aids in weight loss too!

3) Don't starve yourself

Eat (sensibly) when you're hungry. A common mistake most people make is to starve themselves throughout the day then binge eat at night ("Oh since I've already starved the entire day, I can now eat a whole big plate of pasta and maybe have one, or even TWO desserts.")

No no no no, don't do that!

4) Ask yourself a trigger question before snacking

Before you reach for a snack in between meals, ask yourself - "Are you really hungry?" If the answer is no, then stay away! If you feel hungry, then opt for low calorie alternatives. Eat a slice of bread instead of having a cake.

5) Take smaller bites

Take the time to eat your food slowly and focus on savoring each bite.

People who chew their food properly and sip water consume nearly 100 fewer calories per meal.

6) Count Calories

I try to use the MyFitnessPal app as much as I can to track my calories - it's quite scary that unknowingly, eating two pineapple tarts will add like 2 inches to your waistline :scream:

But sometimes I get too busy to whip out my phone (or I don't want to look socially unacceptable during work lunches) so I use Dr Tan's easy method of counting calories:

  • 150 kcal for snacks, sugary drinks, milk
  • 300 kcal for healthy food like fish soup
  • 600 kcal for erm, less healthy food like economic rice + 2 veg and 1 steam egg
  • 900 kcal for the most unhealthy food around like KFC (I totally crave fried chicken when I'm PMS-ing :joy:)

In general, for someone with my very sedentary lifestyle, I'm recommended 1750 calories a day.

7) Kickstarting your weight loss with safe medication

Part of the comprehensive doctor-managed slimming programme by Halley Medical Aesthetics includes clinically tested weight lost drugs to complement your weight loss regime. These medication are marked safe for consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and approved by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

Duromine is a weight loss supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant. Xenical, when consumed with Duromine, brings the most effective results. Xenical blocks the fat from being absorbed by your body. It is used to either help us prevent gaining back the weight already lost or help in the weight loss.

Duromine is to be eaten once in the morning before breakfast and one Xenical pill is to be consumed with dinner daily.

Please do not purchase these medications on the Internet or over the counter without consultation. Dr. Tan’s Total Slim Programme is very affordable and it is not worth risking your health just to save that few bucks.

To date, I have lost 11.3% of body weight and more than 10% of body fats. My waist is now 6.25cm smaller!

I have also embarked on the Total Sculpt Programme of body contouring treatments using the latest non-invasive, no down-time body shaping programme that works best with the Total Slim Programme to slim and contour areas with stubborn fats. I just did the Zeltiq CoolSculpting at my stomach area to rid those tummy fats and results typically take 2.5 months to show - can't wait to show you guys the results then!

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