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A-Better-Home @ North East

3 years ago / working girl

Life ain't always peaches and cream.

Let's not lie here.

Despite Singapore's strong economy, there is poverty in Singapore. I mean, it's not as bad like in other parts of the world but let's face it, it's not like the poorest in Singapore are living in swanky 6th Avenue bungalows.

Recently, my good friend who is fast becoming a regular on this space haha, the Mayor of North East District, Desmond Choo decided to do even more good deeds (where does he find the time srsly?!)

A-Better-Home @ North East is a programme to improve their less privileged residents' living environment. They have teamed up with a group of contractors to provide pro bono services in repairing and replacing broken fixtures such as damaged doors, dislodged tiles, sanitary, rubbish chute, faulty electrical wiring and painting works. Altogether, these socially-conscious contractors have donated $350,000 in services to assist 300 underprivileged households.

This pilot collaboration would run till March 2019 and the initiative complements North East CDC’s existing Home Needs programs such as Project Refresh where volunteers helped less-privileged residents to spruce up their homes.

These pictures are taken at real, actual homes where the North East CDC is currently working on to improve.

Looking at such living conditions actually sent chills down my spine.

I won't say that I am a stranger to the under-privileged in Singapore - I have done my fair share of volunteering over the years but it still gets to me every single time that there are people out there who cannot afford basic household fixtures repairs, such as dislodged tiles and malfunctioned plumbing. Not to mention how faulty lighting and broken tiles can be super unsafe for elderly residents.

The scheme will benefit North East District’s residents such as 59-year-old Mr Tan Yew Huat and his two elderly brothers, who are earning a combined income less than $1700. Their Hougang flat caught fire one year ago and has not been fully repaired since. On top of having their repair works taken care of by A-Better-Home @ North East, the siblings will also receive help from North East CDC-Young NTUC Project Refresh, where volunteers will carry out spring cleaning and painting for their flat.

According to Desmond, he is excited that different stakeholders are coming together readily to tackle community problems.

“While national programs such as Home Improvement Program (HIP) tackles essential repairs, there are residual and exceptional needs that can be tackled by the community. Through this collaboration, we can create safer and better homes for less privileged residents and strengthen community self-help and resilience.”

I also like how students and the youth volunteers are involved in this project so they get to see how fortunate some of us really are.

I mean, not say I want to say lah, but the sense of entitlement in today's strawberry generation is too damn high lol.

If you are a North East District resident, under Comcare assistance or bringing home salary less than $3000 for the entire household and require repair works for your home, you can contact North East CDC at Tel: 6424 4000.