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A Day at the Salon

5 years ago / hair

My guide to surviving THAT monthly ritual!

Hi guys!

As you should already know, I regularly go to Elein to get my tresses tamed.

Each session takes me about 3 to 5 hours on average, depending on the procedure/s I have to get done.

Like, for example, if I've been gallivanting about in the wintry cold and skipping the hair conditioner cause...

(Actually it's just laziness. I have no excuses lol)

It will usually look like this after a month :sob:

And I'll go crying to Elein to get it fixed!

Armed with a good book, some food (usually salad cause IM TRYNA DIET NAO), caffeine (the gula melaka milk tea from Fun Tea at the same building is srsly legit!) and lots of conversations with Elein about what colour should I try now. Pink? Purple? Is granny hair still in these days?

But we always end up going back to dark shades cause it amplifies how HEALTHY my hair looks after their signature Mucoto Dyna Argan Oil treatment!

Remember how we were deciding between Black or Brown last month? Well.... it's a dark mahogany now that really complements my dark-er skin tone. Really shouldn't be running around so much in the sun these days without sufficient SPF grrrr.


Ignore the lack of lipstick but, my hair!

You might also want to know that the Dyna treatment can also treat your hair into CURLS (instead of straight hair like mine) if you'd prefer.

OMG, imagine waking up to soft, beautiful curls every single morning?!

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