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A Guide to a Family Trip to London

6 years ago / Hidden

London is a popular destination for families looking to enjoy a city break somewhere different and exciting. It’s really easy to get to wherever you live in the world. Once there, you’ll struggle to fit everything you want to see in a week, so might find yourself booking another holiday later in the year. There are a wealth of sights to take in, and the city is surprisingly child-friendly.


Travelling Around London with Children

There’s no need to worry about renting a car as the public transport system around the capital is very efficient. To get from A to B, the best mode of transport is the London Underground. It’s definitely an experience, but you do miss out on the sights while you’re travelling. Buses are very affordable, and with a seat, at the top of a double-decker bus, you’ll get a great view of all the popular attractions.

Top 10 Places to Visit with Children

You’ll have no problems finding things to do during your stay in London. The difficulty comes in deciding which ones to experience first. Here is a list of the top ten tourist attractions you’ll want to include in your itinerary.

  1. London Eye – take your kids for a ride on London’s very own ferris wheel. There are also a range of activities taking place along the bank of the river around the London Eye. If you book tickets using the fast-track system, you won’t have to wait in line.
  2. Science Museum – this free museum if Europe’s most visited. The science exhibits change regularly and always includes plenty of interactive experiences for children.
  3. Natural History Museum – another free museum located almost next door filled with dinosaurs, mammals and giant skeletons.
  4. London’s West End – no visit would be complete without attending one of the many children’s shows London has to offer.
  5. London Zoo – you’ll need a whole day for this attraction and it’s a must visit location if you’re in London with children. One of the newest attractions is the indoor rain forest exhibit.
  6. Hamley’s Toy Shop – possibly one of the greatest toy shops in the world you might need to take a little extra money for your kids to spend here. Spread out over five floors there’s bound to be something that catches their eye.
  7. Covent Garden – there’s plenty to see in Covent Garden including performance artists and buskers. As well as market stalls there are also regular high street shops around the edge. At certain times of the year such as Christmas, special events take place.
  8. London Sea Life Aquarium – the highlight of this attraction is the shark tank that is stretched out over 2 or 3 storeys.
  9. The Tower Of London – if your kids are interested in history then this is the place to visit. There are the crown jewels to look at as well as King Henry VIII’s suit of armour and many other interesting exhibits.