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Updates from a new decade

6 years ago / personal / dress up

Oh hello, I just turned 30!


* dusts cobwebs off this space *

Sorry I've been missing in action. I recently turned 30! Plus I had guests in town so I've been really busy playing tourist - you know, baking in the sun at Chinatown and eating copious amounts of $1 ice cream. (See our #doremeSG adventures on Instagram!)

I was half expecting to feel different about being 30... kinda like wishing that when the clock struck twelve, I'd be more grown up and all. Perhaps speak with a slight American twang and magically have my wardrobe updated with womanly clothes - to bring out the cougar in me wtf.

But no, nothing major happened. In fact, I fell asleep before midnight whilst watching Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows!) with my hairband on and cheetos all over the sheets. No judging allowed, I'm granted permission to binge cause it's my BIRTHDAY!

Somebody asked me on the eve of my birthday if I'm happy - and to be honest, I don't know if we can ever truly be?

But I think he'd meant that I appear to have more demons than others.

I guess we all have our skeletons and aspirations and with each birthday, it's practically an annual review to see how far we've come (or fallen short). This past decade has been exhilarating, crazy, difficult and trying all at once - I've moved countries, started (and ended) businesses, forged new friendships and met 'em soulmates.

I know I'm definitely far from being the happiest person on earth but I do think that I'm pretty contented with the cards life has dealt me - both the good and the bad :muscle:

Anyhow, enough of the emo talk haha. I'll check in properly soon with some thought posts about BEING 30 and I also have a buncha travel posts coming up this weekend!

Till then! xxx

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