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A tasty journey with chickens

Conversations with the boy #344

I know, I know - I haven't blogged in almost a week, which when translated into blogger speak equates 749 light years. But it's been a crazy week (before I fly off to Thailand again) and although I wish I could tell you it's because I've been so busy leading the high life rollin' with my squad, truth is it's mostly just work (and attempting to cooking plenty of dinners which are coincidentally all brown and very unphotogenic to make it to social media.)

And so, I decided to tap the husband's brilliant mind...

Me: I need to update my blog with something interesting... any ideas?

Him: You have a lot of work to do lately leh

Me: But I need content also mah. Lately my Instagram very boring also

Him: Then we should raise chickens.

Me: WTF?

Him: I'm serious. Every day you can update your blog with your chickens' photo journal. Chickens growing up... their first eggs etc. You'll be the only one in Singapore with a blog about chickens.

Me: You know that's very lame right?

Garry: Of course it'll end with them becoming curry chicken. You can then title your blog - Flora Isabelle : A Tasty Journey with Chickens.