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6 years ago

Losing weight with Absolute Slimming.

So lately, I've had many people asking me if I've lost weight.

The TL;DR answer is yes, I've lost 5kg and dropped two dress sizes.

The longer answer is that I underwent (actually still undergoing as I write this) a slimming treatment programme at Absolute Slimming.

Here's the lowdown:

Who/ What is Absolute Slimming?

Absolute Slimming has been around for 13 years and their treatments are based on Traditional Chinese medicine methods of gua sha and cupping coupled with a diet programme.

The diet is essentially a no-carbohydrate diet (which means no rice, pasta, noodles etc) and no processed food as well e.g. canned food (the only exception being tuna in water), sodas, fishballs, butter etc.

It might sound restrictive but for me, it was doable cause I never really did eat carbs anyway. What I found hard giving up was soups (cause of the high sodium content) but I persevered by telling myself it is just for a month.

There is still a lot that you can eat though, my sample daily diet will be:

Breakfast: 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs depending on how hungry I am + a cup of coffee.

Mid-morning snack: 1 or 2 kiwis.

Lunch: Sliced fish soup (no rice no soup. I'll add additional fish) or Grilled chicken chop with no sauce & sides, or sometimes just a salad without the dressing if possible.

Mid-afternoon snack: A handful of grapes or cherry tomatoes or a half a dragonfruit.

Dinner: I'll try to have fruits or a salad as much as possible. Though to be honest it's hard to adhere to this on weekends or when out with friends, so I'll just try to order the healthiest non-carb dish on the menu (e.g. grilled fish, salad with dressing on the side) and practise portion control.

What is the treatment like?

I'm told that the twice-weekly treatments aim to increase your metabolism by stimulating your acupoints, which are located in various parts of your body, including your back, stomach, thighs, calves and upper arms. These acupoints will be treated with cupping and guasha for maximum effect.

Each session consists of 1 hour of cupping and guasha. I'm not going to lie - the cups will leave bruises the size of 50-cent coins on your body, including the stomach, back, thighs and forearms. These bruises will take about 1 to 6 days to recover. Some places like my legs and body tend to fade faster (2 to 3 days) while those on my arms take longer (3 to 7 days) so if I have something important coming up, I'll request for them not to cup my arms.

How do you know it's the treatment or the dieting that’s causing weight loss?

To be honest, I'm not a doctor so I can't answer this question scientifically. However, in my experience, I have been low-carbing for the longest time and actually dieted harder 2 years back when I was planning for my wedding and it appears that the kilos are coming off more quickly this time round whilst on the programme. As advised by Absolute Slimming, a low-carb diet on its own is usually ineffective for most of their customers who tend to face these problems when dieting without treatment:

a) Your weight may go down with a low-carb diet, but the weight loss will be slow and eventually stagnate at some point.
b) Your weight may go down with low-carb diet, but it does not mean that you will see significant inches being trimmed off your problem areas.
c) Many people will have problems sustaining a low-carb diet because dieting doesn't shrink your appetite, which is why you remain hungry.
d) Once you stop dieting, your weight will rebound, and you will have to restart from scratch.

As for me, the progress was slow initially but the kilos really started to drop from the 3rd session onwards and I started to observe visible difference to my body too.

Here are the numbers lost on my body after 7 sessions:

Arms - 3 CM
Waist - 8 CM
Tummy - 5 CM
Hips - 4.5 CM

The most significant difference visibly being at my thighs (6cm) and back (3.8cm).

I also tried their optional add-on Heat Treatment that helps to burn calories and stubborn fats at targeted areas. Slimming cream is applied to your target area and then wrapped in plastic and towels soaked in Chinese herbal liquid and then set on fire which I tried on my abdomen cause of my "spare tyre" tummy lol.

After 7 treatment sessions, here's my Before/ After:

You might want to know that I had a 3-week break in between as I was travelling so much but I continued to lose 1.3 kg during that break even though I was eating rice, noodles, fried food and all (it is NOT easy to #eatclean when travelling) but what I realised was that I now needed much less food to feel full. It was easy to restrict myself to half or even 1/3 a plate of pasta and yet feel satiated.

The premium package at Absolute Slimming is $1600 for 8 Full-Body Cupping Treatments.

If you can adhere to this strict diet plan over the course of the treatment, you should expect to lose about 4 to 6kg.

Final thoughts? After eating clean for a month or so, I now eat less with every meal as my appetite has shrank. I also feel healthier and less sluggish than before. I tend to think that the first 3-4kg is the hardest to shed but once you see the kilos coming off and you see the difference to your body, you'll want to keep it up with the lifestyle changes.

This programme would hence make a good weight loss kickstart and I hope I can continue to maintain my new weight!

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