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4 years ago / lifestyle / beauty

The lens that keeps up with my demanding days!

I swear my life has been the BUSIEST it has ever been! (I can't wait to announce something that I've been working very hard on for the past 12 months...soon, soon!!)

So anyways, when I'm not travelling, my typical day usually goes like this... yoga (I've fallen in love with 7am classes), breakfast meeting, lunch meeting, pop into the office, the more-than-occasional happy hour drinks with the girls, back home to clear more emails... before I finally fall asleep at midnight.

I take back whatever I said about school being tough... take me back anytime!

I have also been a contact lens user for a good 12, 13 years now? I initially started with permanent lens then switched to dailies after a serious bout of eye infection. I've since started taking better care of my eyes and going for routine eye health checks but as I constantly need to meet people and/or take photos lol, contact lens are a definite part-and-parcel of my everyday life.

I've said more than once on my blog that I'm a user of ACUVUE... while I used to wear ACUVUE MOIST, I recently tried the new ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day.

Known as the lens that changes everything for every single new wearer, the comfort these lens bring is really quite something. I know I shouldn't, but sometimes long days and OT is inevitable and I end up wearing my lens for up to 18 hours... yet my eyes still feel pretty comfortable. If you suffer from dryness and/or tired eyes, you'd know what I mean!

The new Hydraluxe™ technology of the ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day reduces frictional energy for effortless blinking, to minimise feelings of eye fatigue. This Tear Infused Design made up of a enhanced network of tear-like molecules enables the lens to integrate with and support the tear film... if this is starting to sound a little too scientific, just know that this daily lens is made to keep up with your demanding days.

If you're fresh out of school and into your first job... ACUVUE seeks to unlock your first jobbers’ career goals as you transit into a more demanding lifestyle. Juggling several responsibilities all at once can be quite a feat.

I also find it interesting that the lens come with UV protection.

Did you know?

ACUVUE is the only contact lens brand with internationally-recognised standards of UV protections and living in tropical Singapore with its intense heat and our contact exposure to sunlight actually increases our risk of eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Try it for yourself!

The new ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day retails at $72 per box (30 lenses in a box) and you can download a $30 e-voucher here to try it out yourself!

This also includes a comprehensive eye health check provided by an Acuvue-appointed Eye Care Practitioner (ECP).

There are several ECP conveniently located around the island and I went to NAN FANG OPTOMETRISTS which is right in my neighbourhood at BLK 237 SERANGOON AVE 3 #01-122.

I really like how they were very friendly and concerned (in a fatherly sorta way) and it was by far one of most thorough eye checks I've done!

The entire eye health lasted about 40 minutes consisting of:

  • Personalised consultation to understand your lifestyle and vision correction needs
  • Accurate vision measurement and prescription
  • Comprehensive eye health assessment
  • Detection of any signs of UV damage
  • Advice on contact lens fitting, removal and maintenance

This will help to determine which lens is best for your eyes and lifestyle and I can't stress enough how important it is to check your eyes regularly. We often take our eye health too lightly but really, sight/ the ability to see is really one of the most important thing in our lives, isn't it?

This post was created in partnership with SingPost / Sample Store and ACUVUE®