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Air, food, water…

5 years ago / travel / japan

And wifi.

These days the first thing I do when I board the plane is to take out the in-flight entertainment magazine, flip right to the back and look for the details of the in-flight wifi. Sometimes they don’t have it and I end up getting more than a little depressed. (Seriously, how is this even ENTERTAINMENT then guys?)

This morning, we boarded our flight from Tokyo bound for Singapore and I did the same ritual as above...

It says wifi is available on over 850 of their planes. YAY!

So I waited with baited breath as I tried to turned on the wifi on my Mac - OMG CONNECTED, YES!

Then, I opened my browser, all eager to purchase my life support…

But all I saw was:

Internet is not available at the moment.

HEY! WHY do you allow me to connect to it but not use it?!

Kinda like paying for a stripper and getting only a hug out of it wtf. No?

Update 1:

So here I am, typing this in Microsoft Word and furiously refreshing my browser. Ok lah, maybe not thaaaaat fast and furious, only about 342 times a second maybe wtf.

Update 2:

Hello, it's me again. It's been 30 minutes and we have another 6.5 hours to go. This isn't too bad. I don't think I'll be dying today and that I'll be able to deal without wifi for this flight - you know, maybe watch three movies. Our Brand is Crisis looks decent. There's Sandra Bullock.

Update 3:

We are 45 minutes into the movie. My wifi is still not loading. I'm staring to get a bit cranky at the idea of me being unable to load Instagram.

Update 4:

Erm guys, do you think there's going to be something very major happening on Instagram that I will miss out on just because of this extreme tease of a wifi?!

I just leaned over to ask the hubs that, and his reply?

"Ya I heard they are going to announce in the next 10 minutes on Instagram about this sudden MASSIVE bloggers' convention at Tokyo Central that you need to rush to!"


Update 5:

The people in front of me are from the Guam National Rugby Team. Where's Guam exactly on the world map? Is it near Hawaii?

Lemme google that... oh I can't. Cause guess what? Still no Internet, friendssss.

Update 6:

I think Maslow's hierarchy of needs ought to be revamped to include wifi.

No wifi, no life.

Update 7:

They are serving lunch soon. Should I have the beef curry or the chicken pasta?

In other news, the burger I had yesterday at Handsome Burger at Nagoya was soooo damn good.

It was at the most random subway station and we were making our way to our hotel - suitcases and all - when we caught a whiff of their garlic cheese fries and the rest folks, like they say, is history.

Update 8:

Sandra Bullock looks quite good blonde. I think it suits her better than being a brunette.

Update 9:

Ok. I give up guys. I'm gonna try to get some shut-eye.

If there's gonna be some hipster cafe opening on Instagram that I've missed, please just know that it's not my fault. I honestly tried my best.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


In other human rights related news, Y5buddy sent me a pocket wifi device for my trip that totally saved my life.

It can connect up to 10 devices (which means you can share with your other travel companions and use it and all your devices like phone and laptops) on fast and reliable 4G connection that took me all over Japan,

From Tokyo...

To Kanazawa...

To up in the mountains at Shirakawa-go...

All the way to Gero...

And back to Nagoya.

The battery life of the device was fab (much better than my iPhone) and lasts almost a whole day even with me constantly on Instagram and the hubs on Google searching for the next food haunt - by the way, I came back 2kg heavier fml. Damn all that hida beef.

You can rent your device from and pick it up from their office conveniently located at International Plaza or have it delivered to your specified address. Rates are on a daily basis and differ from country to country - they seriously have SO many countries available from Asia, Europe and even USA! :v: