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Alive Museum Singapore

7 years ago / travel

Day out at the Alive Museum!

Remember how we were supposed to have a holiday in Singapore that didn’t materialise?

Well, on Sunday, we finally did something different and visited the Alive Museum.

It was so much fun!

A little background story, when the boy and I visited Korea in 2012, we actually visited the original Alive Museum but back then we were so not into camwhoring (oh, how times have changed!) we didn’t take a single picture. In fact, the few pictures we took during the entire trip all look something like this…

-__- i know…. fast forward a few years after I’ve morphed into this great camwhore wtf, one of the greatest regrets I have from that trip is the lack of photos, especially at Alive.

I guess I must have generated enough positive karma over the last 2 years… because Alive Museum has opened in Singapore!

Which explains why the husband, sister, Taylor and I all ended up at Suntec City at 10am on a Sunday lol.


It was an epic day :)

The boy got to look at chiobus…

The sister got to be the little mermaid…

And do the anti-gravity lean like MJ…

While I got a whole year’s worth of exercising done. Actually make that 10 years.

And I’m so pro I kayak with my knees up wtf.

Taylor W… the next big name in table tennis. Feng Tianwei watch out!

Her reward for winning Singapore’s first table tennis gold medal at the Olympics lol.


We went to the zoo too!

Some animals were nice and friendly…


And some were just plain creepy.

If you know me in real life, you’ll know how I am absolutely terrified of cats. This was totally FEAR FACTOR for me >:(

Besides trick and object art, the museum also has Digital art displays! This was in some insanely fun “disco room” with music, mirrors and lights all put together.

I got realllyyyyyy nervous standing at the edge of this…

Some tips on how to have a good time:

1) The place isn’t the biggest so do try to go during off-peak hours to beat the crowds! I think it’s quite stressful to “pose” for pictures when there’re 1234567 people watching you :/

2) Go with your family and friends - the more the merrier!

3) Check the Photo Point icons on the ground to know where to stand for the best pictures. If you scroll up, you’ll realise that for the cat picture, the photo wasn’t taken from the “best” spot and you can actually see my seat ><

4) Some camera flashes may be too strong - all my pictures were taken without flash!

5) Try to wear white/ plain coloured outfits. I was wearing a Hello Kitty top which definitely didn’t go well with the little mermaid and angel wings exhibits :(

And above all, just let yourself go and have fun!

Me and the husband who never ever wants to kiss me fml…


But overall, it was such a FANTASTIC day!

Alive Museum very kindly gave me two complimentary entry tickets. We purchased the other two tickets ourselves.