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Amazing Australia

7 years ago / travel / australia

Completing the Australia diaries!

Completing the Australia diaries!


Obligatory at-airport-before-departure photo.

Flew SQ at an exorbitant price because I needed to land on late Saturday morning so the boy can make his way from Toowoomba to get me from Brisbane and they were the only airline with this schedule… but as it turns out, my flight was full of Chinese and I was stuck in the midst of a PRC tour group. So I basically paid SIA prices to fly Air China fml.


Driving from Brisbane to Gold Coast!

To be honest, I felt quite weird in the car with this guy who was supposedly my husband wtf. I think it’s cause we were apart for a month so when we finally met up… I didn’t know what to say to him!!!

So I spent all my time taking photos wtf.

But things got normal after an hour or so! Thank goodness or I think I would have died from the awkward silence.

First meal on the Goldie!


This was at Peter’s Fish Market. OMG the best meal of my entire trip.

My only issue with this place was that they had so many BIRDS… and I’m absolutely terrified of them. But thankfully they pretty much left us alone.

Oh. The boy with the bottle of sauce we got earlier from Woolworths (their supermarket chain) HAHAHA. He says whilst the seafood’s amazing at Peter’s, they don’t have good sauces so we went to get our own. He even bought a whole lemon wtf. But because we didn’t have a knife to slice it up.. he bit into it to puncture some holes for us to squeeze it all over our fish lol.

Then we took a stroll along the beach…

Where I took many, many, many pictures.

So many families were out at sea/ at the beach that day.. with their kids and dogs :) The boy was saying that it’d actually be nice for us to live in Australia…

So he can fish all day -__-

But seriously, I wouldn’t mind relocating to Down Under for a year or two. Maybe when we finally have kids and he gets posted there for work.. it’s such a lovely place for kids to grow up in!

Ice cream cookie sandwichhhhh <3

Driving from Gold Coast to Toowoomba!

Sunset at Picnic Point!

It’s actually SUCH a pretty place.. but my pics really don’t do the place any justice! Wish I had shot in raw format :(

Gallivanting in the cold.

Actually it wasn’t that cold to most people. The boy was wearing berms & slippers most of the time.. but I’m a weakling wtf. Always in my coat + scarf + uggs ><

In fact, when we were at Surfer’s Paradise, everyone was prancing around in bikinis while I shiver in my coat wtf.

I don’t remember doing much when I was in Toowoomba but there was one night the boy made an attempt to get off work early and drove me around to sightsee! (Otherwise all I’ll see of Toowoomba is my apartment & Woolworths wtf.)

Awesome breakfast!

Shitty iPhone camera.

More awesome breakfasts!!!

But don’t be deceived… most of the time this is my life:

This soup was insanely delicious though! From my favourite shop in the world.. Woolworths. This was like drinking pasta sauce with tons of meatballs mmmmm :D


This was some bacon + burger patty pizza loaded with mayo.. really artery clogging but so sinfully good!

Pretty blooms!

Another beach shot!

And because what’s Australia without Boost Juice? I had it like every other day heh

They had the world cup fever going on at Maccas too. This Italy Mcfluffy came with a dusting of coffee powder.. which was super yummy! I remember the WC burgers being kinda weird though. There was one full of capsicums if I remember correctly :/

The drive from Toowoomba to Brisbane…

I wish I can say we enjoyed the road tripping like in all those romance novels… long HTH talks, hand holding etc. But to be honest, all I did was sleep. With my jacket over my face some more cause the sun was shining so brightly.

When we were in Brisbane, all the boy wanted was Asian food wtf. So we had Pho for lunch and Korean for dinner. But somehow the only thing on the menu that I felt like eating was this… tako wasabi (octopus) which isn’t even Korean lol.

BUT it was pretty darn good!!!! And the serving was huge! And because the boy doesn’t eat octopus, I finished it all by myself.

Oh ya, because it was during the World Cup season when we were there… whilst eating this, I asked the boy whatever happened to that octopus during the last WC, you know that one that was predicting the results?

I googled… He died.

And this concludes my 2 weeks in Australia!

I’m actually dying to go back, especially after looking at all these pictures… doesn’t help that the husband is heading there in 2 weeks.

For 2 months some more!!!!

I asked, pleaded, threatened (yes, in this particular order) to visit but all I got was a resounding No :( SIGH… He says it’s the nature of the exercise this time round.

Don’t know if it’s true or if he’s trying to smoke me and have his China mistress visit him instead wtf.

Rest of the Aussie diaries here

We have some super pretty new arrivals just launched! I especially love the ripped jeans and the I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry tunic - aren’t we all guilty of that?

Especially since I’m embarking on (another) juice cleanse today… wish me luck!!!