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Addiction Aquatic Development

6 years ago / travel / food / taiwan

Awesome sashimi and sushi at 上引水产 in Taipei!

When my friends ask me for food recommendations in Taiwan, I always tell them Aquatic Addiction Development is a MUST visit.

This is the ONLY place in the world which I think makes a close enough substitute for Japan's Tsukiji fish market.

AAD is located opposite the Taipei Fish Market where it houses 10 areas serving the freshest seafood imaginable.

There is a stand-up sushi bar, a seafood bar (with wine available), an outdoor seating area for charcoal-grilled seafood, a fresh food supermarket, an wholesale area as well as a lifestyle boutique selling cookware and household goods.

And did I mention it's very affordable too?

This entire bowl of goodness was only NT280 which is like S$12??? :scream:

We ordered a huge variety - from chirashi dons to sashimi platters to grilled prawns and freshly-fried-on-the-spot tempura.

Everything was sooooo fresh and so yummy!

THAT size of the prawn!!!

And then you can complete your meal with some awesome soft serve :)

Ok! Ending this post here with this selfie cause I like the very apt crabby crab shirt I'm wearing teehee.

Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水产
No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410
Minzu East Road, Zhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 104

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