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Aryaa Kitchen + Lounge

5 years ago / food

What a culinary experience through Alexander the Great's kitchen!

The other day, I had what probably was the most unique dining experience in Singapore at Aryaa Kitchen. Through the eyes of Alexandra the Great, the entire concept of the restaurant from its interior to the food is carefully curated to take you on the culinary pilgrimage of Alexander as he travelled across continents making Aryaa a place where history meets cuisine.






Blending food, history and culture, Aryaa serves traditional Greek and North Indian cuisine by bringing fresh, wholesome cooking from all regions of Greece, Turkey and India - so you could have a Greek starter, Indian main and desserts from BOTH sections cause well, there's no such thing as too much dessert lol.

Both the Greek and Indian cuisines tasted authentic and incredibly flavourful to me - the butter chicken was really soft and tender and we totally wiped out the tantalising Greek appetiser platter (the tzatziki dip was so, so, SO GOOD!)

If you're a fan of mashed potato, then go for the STIFADO which is essentially leg of lamb slowly cooked in its own juice. I'm not big on lamb but the creamy, buttery bed of mashed potato it sits on is a highlight of its own! Also, don't forget to save space for the GALAKTOBOUREKO - homemade custard wrapped in crispy pastry and served piping hot with melted butter, scented syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon... I would return JUST for this!

On Friday and Saturday nights, the venue transforms in Aryaa Lounge from 10pm till late, so imagine partying with exotic cocktails and noteworthy decor alongside art-exhibition worthy displays ;)


7500E Beach Road
Unit 01-201 Diners Building
Singapore 199595
Tel: 6291 6009