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Assisting Your Elderly Parents in Their Old Age

6 years ago / Hidden

Your parents assisted you when you were a child, and they helped you to grow to become the person you are today, and there will come a time when you will have to repay this good turn. When they reach old age, your parents will depend on you more so than ever before, whether they like it or not, and it’s down to you to assist them in every way possible to ensure that they retain the quality of life that they have long been used to. To see what you can do specifically to assist your elderly parents during their twilight years, check out the advice below.

Adapt their home to make it a safe place to live in

Unless their specific needs dictate it, you should not be sending your parents to live in a care home at the first sign of trouble. Before this eventuality, which may or may not come further down the road, you should be doing all you can to see them remain safely in their home. First of all, the bathroom has the potential to be a real hazard, so assess whether this space needs any work. This may mean sourcing transfer benches to install, which can make getting into and out of the shower a safer and more comfortable process. Perhaps you need to get a tub transfer bench. Aim to make the floor non-slip, and try to have a tub bench fitted and have rails installed near the toilet. A sliding shower chair can also make a real difference to somebody’s day to day routine. By doing all of this, you will allow your parents to retain their modesty and their right to clean themselves, and this is essential in helping to keep their mood lifted day in, day out during their twilight years. You can easily make adaptations to their home to make it is as senior-friendly a place as it can be.

Assess what assistance you can offer

You need to asses to what degree you can provide assistance. By doing more than you can, i.e. by taking too much on in relation to the other commitments that you have in life, you will make yourself liable to suffer from fatigue going forward, and that’ll mean you won't be able to provide the best care no matter how well laid out your plans were. Also, making empty promises will only make your parents feel worse. So, work out prior to offering care what you think you will be able to handle, which could even mean sourcing other care options for your parents like having ready-made meals delivered to them on certain days, to ensure that, when you are there for them, you really can be.

Before you can provide your parents with the best assistance possible, you also need to realistically asses what it is they actually need. Doing this is the only way you can be sure they get the kind of support they need for the plights of old age that they face.

When you begin to put the above advice into practice, just remember that there is a fine line between caring and controlling. Don’t make the years of old age for your elderly parents any harder than they need to be by very much remaining on the caring side.