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Aversion by CNB

6 years ago

The newest anti-drug game in town + giveaway!

Hi guys!

You know how we're ALWAYS on our phones all the time right? It's the first thing we do when we wake up, when we're on the train, waiting for friends to arrive at lunch, before we sleep... you get the drift.

So there's this new game in town! And it’s called......



Basically, through this entire game series of Aversion, you'll be exposed to the different harmful effects and dangers of drugs metaphorically. There is also an electronic ‘Enemy Gallery’ within the game that provides detailed elaboration on the drugs and substances which are commonly abused!


Simply click on ‘Gallery’ to enter the drugs information portal.

One of the many different drugs the app wrote up about!

With that, I strongly recommend you guys to spend a little time on this game to gain a broader understanding of the different drugs commonly abused these days! Not only for your own benefit, but for your loved ones too. Aversions aims to arm us with knowledge to be able to identify the common drugs of abuse so we can provide the right advice when the situation calls for it.

To complete the game, you must overcome all 8 levels in the 5 different stages! Players will need to manoeuvre around to avoid the drugs and complete each level. Each player begins with 5 red hearts, representing the number of lives you have for each level.

(Though - a little public service announcement - in reality, we only have 1 life. Life does not rewind.)

What are my thoughts?

To begin with, I'm very very extremely against drugs because of the way it has brought harm to countless families, drug abusers and societies (which explains why I didn't agree at all with the way some people lauded the Bali Nine ringleaders for being brave. BRAVE????! But that's another story for another day...)

In addition, I feel that this is a great way for youths to learn more about drugs! I mean, back in my day, we used to have officers who would go to our schools to give educational talks... which can be not very engaging. Kudos to CNB and NYP for creating this interactive game! It's actually quite fun and definitely less mindless than some games... like candy crush haha.

If you're a parent reading this, I highly recommend you to download it into your child's phone right now! Besides its educational benefits, it also offers an opportunity for you to bring up the topic of drugs to your kids (typically seen as a taboo topic) and it also makes great bonding time :)

So go on and give it try! It is available for free download at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


There is also an online contest going on! Stand a chance to be one of the two lucky winners each week to win $50 CapitaMall vouchers.

Simply ‘Like’ CNB’s ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook page and participate in their weekly Aversion contests to stand a chance to win!

There's a total of 12 contests happening!

Good luck and have fun!

This message is part of a CNB initiative to enforce, educate and engage for a drug free Singapore where everyone can live, work and play safely.