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[email protected] Travel Insurance

3 years ago / travel / lifestyle

My Taiwan travels made worry-free!

You guys know how much I travel and one of my must-haves for every trip is travel insurance.

There are just too many things that can go wrong e.g. laptop or phone getting damaged (Zach dropped his phone recently in a koi pond in Japan lolol), eating too much street food and ending up in hospital (true story, happened to me in Thailand) and not to mention factors that are not within your control such as flight delays and cancellations (I was once onboard a flight that had already departed Narita when it had to turn back 2 hours into the flight due to a faulty engine and ended up being delayed for more than 8 hours omg) and that's when travel insurance comes in handy.

For my recent Taiwan trip, I had purchased my [email protected] travel insurance online and it was so easy and fuss-free, I actually did it only the night before I flew!

This is what it cost me for one week of policy coverage on their single trip plan.

I bought the Comprehensive Plan even though the Essential Plan is good enough according to the hubs but aiya, just slightly more only I might as well increase my MEDICAL EXPENSES coverage to S$730,700 and TRAVEL INCONVENIENCES & PERSONAL BELONGINGS coverage to S$67,700 - these are one of the highest coverage amounts I've seen around!

I also really like how they are very transparent with the benefits limits which I'm eligible for.

More importantly, I was very impressed that they actually cover terrorism which by the way, many travel insurance policies don't! There's also leisure sports cover for activities such as hiking (up to 3,500m above sea level), sky diving or scuba diving without additional charge too, when they are done with a licensed operator.

And if you require golf equipment cover, sports equipment cover, rental vehicle excess cover, and other optional benefits, you can just choose to add on and pay for what you need.

By the way, with [email protected] Travel Insurance, personal accident cover actually starts before the trip. You can find out more about the policy here:

Amazingly, I came back from Taiwan safe and sound in one piece but come 2018, I'll be travelling a lot more for both work and holiday and I think I'll go for the annual multi-trip plan this time round. There's also a family option (which comes with further discount!) that allows 2 adult family members and 9 children to be insured under one insurance policy so we can get Junior covered too!