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Bachelorette Party!

8 years ago / wedding / travel / bangkok / thailand

Bachelorette Party #1 in Bangkok and surprise party #2!

So we actually had my bachelorette party in February in Bangkok!


It wasn’t the conventional bachelorette party cause actually the entire wedding party of 18 of us went on the intense 3 day trip. These people totally put the party in wedding party. 3 days in Bangkok, more than a week to recover wtf.

The bridal party spent our time getting our our hair done, having leisure lunches, lots of massage and gossiping our lives away. The boys drank their hearts livers out.

We did also do a combined pre-wedding dinner kinda thing so the entire bridal party could meet and have a good time. I think this is typically done the night before the wedding - rehearsal dinner? But anyway everything was done in February cause it was so rare that we can get everybody in town at the same time , especially with the boy’s line of work.

We threw the celebration at Waterside Restaurant- amazing place with extremely good food and ambiance. Highly recommended - totally worth its 4.5 / 5 review at TripAdvisor and everywhere else really.


The boy & I wanted to buy everyone this dinner to thank them for the shit they have to go through for our wedding.

But they ended up surprising us instead, by decorating the entire place with balloons and all that pink fluffy stuff. So much love <3


Too much food and alcohol later, we headed to Scratch Dog for more alcohol.


Anyhoo, this post’s supposed to be about party #2 but I ended up writing so much about party #1 wtf.

Party #2 happened 2 days back where the girls surprised me with a staycation at Fairmont :D


Cause WY is back in town for a week after 8 (!!!) years in the States and she’ll be missing my wedding so tada, another reason to celebrate. Wayyyy too much love <3

So on Friday, the boy told me we were going for dinner at Raffles City (which I was reluctant to go to cause I was feeling pretty sick) but I went along anyway.

When we reached Raffles City he told me he needed to shit and that Fairmont’s toilet’s cleaner wtf. So I told him I’ll go shopping while he shits. Then he texted me that he didn’t need to shit anymore and I told him I was at Aldo. Then Debra happened to be there and told me she was having dinner with Andrew. And then Simin, Jo and WY appeared and I was like “ohhh what a nice coincidence” but I didn’t suspect anything. Must have been possessed by some stupid spirit or too drugged out cause I can’t believe how unsuspecting I was.

We decided to all go for dinner together and Simin said we gotta go up to get something from the hotel room first cause her cousin was staying there for the weekend and I was like still totally not suspecting anything.

Until we reached the room and it was all pink-ed and balloon-ed :D The boy even helped me to pack my overnight bag <3

After the boy left to join his friends, we girls had a lovely dinner at Fine Palate, drinks at INK Club Bar and lots of talk till 4am (while watching The Roommate which was wayyy too scary for me) with an awesome view that I’m a sucker for.


I love pretty views from hotel rooms if you didn’t already know.


BTW I don’t know why brides to be need to wear stuff like bunny ears and all that but…


I guess I’d rather bunny ears than this ;)