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5 years ago / personal / dress up / working girl

Trippin' down memory lane!

So recently, my work took me back to my alma mater NUS and in between meetings, I decided to act like I was 19 again and werk it like an undergrad for the camera. Though tbh, I actually now dress MUCH YOUNGER these days than I did when I was in school - mostly cause I was already running my own stuff back in my uni days so I was always trying to look older in shift dresses and suits so that people would take me more seriously...

I'm incidentally wearing head to ankle H&M with the exception of my boots from ClubCouture lol. A few people have asked me about the cap after I uploaded the photo on Facebook and it's from the men's dept, guys - where I had snagged the tee from too! And, and, and didcha notice my Deathly Hallows necklace that I'm supaaaa proud of?!

Of course no trip to NUS is complete without my laksa yongtaufoo from the Arts Canteen aka The Deck and it's still sooooooo good after all these years! I remember having this for lunch practically every day and how there was this one semester that I had an 8am Macroeconomics lecture every Friday and I would tabao this into the LT every week without fail... and have the entire lecture theatre smelling like heavenly coconut gravy and spices lol.

I'm sure you guys can gather by now that I obviously wasn't a model student kinda good kid - I often wonder how did I get through Singapore's education system unscathed (and I'm pretty sure my teachers often wonder too. Btw some of them read my blog today and I always feel quite paiseh about it haha. Like they xin xin ku ku teach me calculus and alliteration and they probably think all I do now is to hold cream and take photos haha...)

And in true testament to my lousy student image, my companion captured this totally candid photo of me using my phone (I'm quite terrible at multi-tasking by the way) - and there you have it...