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Bali Mama

4 years ago / beauty

Create your own spa experience at home!

Longtime readers of my blog will know that I LOVE my spa treatments - there's nothing quite like a half day sesh starting with a good soak in the bath, followed by a thorough body scrub and finally, a full body massage.

Unfortunately, such treatments aren't exactly the cheapest in Singapore so I usually get them only when I travel... typically in Thailand or Bali. However, I've been quite time-strapped lately and I really wish I can enjoy the same indulgence in the comforts of my own home!

I was recently introduced to BaliMama and their natural skincare products ranging from body butter/ cream, body scrub/ polish, body wash and massage oil.

Like their name suggests, the brand is not only Bali-inspired with its scents (think soothing lemongrass and the likes) but their natural and organic products are all handmade in Bali - though the company is conveniently incorporated and based in Singapore :)

I like the holistic philosophy behind the brand (BaliMama was founded by two families with 5 kids between them who wanted to create their own range of products that are assuredly safe to use, even on children) and how it blends traditional and modern elements into their products with healing and purifying ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass and frangipani.

Here's what I tried!


This exfoliating polish is based on a traditional balinese herbal recipe known for its gentle cleansing and anti-aging properties.

Containing Frangipani, Rice, Sandalwood powders and Seaweed, it's carefully formulated with a blend of cocoa butter and olive oil to leave your skin moisturised and radiant.

I like the super-fine texture but yet it's granular enough to slough off dull and rough skin (especially around the elbows and knees) without that "abrasive" feeling that I hate!


The scent of this body cream is GOOD! Infused with energising ginger and lemongrass essential oils, it's super refreshing yet with a light finish (so it doesn't overpower) and totally reminds me of what's typically used at luxury spas.

This cream also has cocoa butter and olive oil to leave your skin soft, smooth and moisturised. I like to use this after shaving as I feel that it helps to calm and soothe my skin.


Think of this African Shea Nut body butter as a super moisturiser! To be used 2-3 times a week to nourish skin in our climate, I actually brought this with me to New York recently and used it every night without fail because the wintry air there was wayyyy too drying. This comes blended with Lemongrass and Ginger Aromatherapy Essential Oils to energise your senses and also infused with Rosemary Leaf oil and Menthol oil that helps treat stretch marks too!

In all, I really like the products' formulations and their non-sticky finish. While their price points may seem higher than commercial drugstore brands, I find them reasonable for organic skincare. Plus, since they are pretty well-formulated, a little goes a long way.

I want to try their aromatherapy massage oil (coupled with a full body massage hehe) next!


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