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Bangkok June 2015

6 years ago / travel / thailand / working girl

Hello from the Land of Smiles!

1. Starbucks drive-thru at Porto Chino. 2. Heading out for a full day of meetings - only to get my freshly washed-and-blown hair washed and blown again by the klong ride. 3. Kuay tiew moo nam tok craving FIXED! 4. Heart attack on a cone: salted caramel ice cream atop a fruit loops smores waffle cone at Emack & Bolios 5. Almsgiving in Suan Phueng. 6. Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot. 7. Eating local. 8. Dinner in the mountains at the Ashcarya resort. 9. Meeting up with the #internationalkids living in Bangkok. 10. Check out my ring bling from Thai designer label My Glows! 11. The magical Quartier Water Garden at Emquartier.

"Where are you now?"

"When are you coming back to Singapore?"

"Have you moved back to Thailand?"

I keep getting messages like these over WhatsApp the past few days and yes, I'm still in Thailand but unfortunately no, I'm not moving back though I wish with all my heart that I could.

Thing is, since that business trip to Bangkok in 2009, the subsequent trips have all been for work so I pretty much have the same routine as what I have in Singapore - Get up, head into the office for a long day of meetings and don't leave till sunset. Except that my office is a 2-hour plane ride away and that I have to do a little song and dance prayer every morning before I leave home hoping that the Bangkok traffic will be kind to me. In fact, I probably work harder here in Thailand than in Singapore because I try to pack in as many meetups as I can before I hop on the plane back.

We did however, take a weekend trip to a friend's resort - the amazing, amazing Ashcarya in the mountains of Suan Phueng. I have so much praise to sing about this gorgeous place but I will have to leave it to a post of its own. I ended up leaving the resort feeling rejuvenated, renewed and with an all-new #eatpraylove kinda purpose to life lol.

Also broke my no-carbs diet by stuffing my face with boat noodles (I tried my best to limit myself to just ONE bowl), khao neow mamuang and diabetes-inducing ice cream from Emack & Bolios. That huge scoop of salted caramel ice cream was well-worth every single calorie though - there were mini sweet and salty pretzels in them! But not to worry, the last time I did a full medical checkup (which was just two months ago) the doctor said I have 10 good years left to eat all the seafood and ho liao I want.

Which basically means, I'm gonna load up on the pad thai, cha yen and hoy tod before I board that plane tomorrow.

Good luck to my ass :joy: