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Benjamin Browns Milkshakes

5 years ago / food

Slight problem here - all the boys are in my yard.

I'm on an important mission now guys - with all that buzz about the looming downturn and by putting my economics degree to good use (Hello, I'm not going to let that $20k and 3 years' - or 5 if you include A levels - worth of Keynesian and whatever theories go to waste okay), I have decided that I will charge up our economy (you know, by increasing consumption spending)...

One hipster cafe at a time.


So yes, I shall go around looking for the most Instagram-able places...

And even those so far-flung the hipsters haven't found them yet. Ya ya, that kind at some weird housing estate with 738 Jalan BushKungMen as its address and when you try to get there, all you hear is your Google Maps being PMS-y and telling you she's "re-routing" in that prissy British accent of hers - I really hate her by the way. Like OK FINE. I GET IT. YOU'RE THE BAUSS, BITCH.

Ok I have a slight problem now - all the boys are in my yard :smirk:

Hahaha. But on a slightly more serious note, Nui and Zach are back in town and today, we checked out the mother of all hipster milkshakes, Benjamin Browns.

To be honest, I love the setup of the place - tucked away at the Forum Galleria, it's in a quaint part of town which despite us arriving at lunch time on a weekday, didn't have much of a crowd. The "outdoor" seating (it's outside the shop but still inside the mall so there's A/C) provides sufficient natural light for that perfect IG-worthy photo (very important, I know) and the seats are comfy enough for you to spend the entire afternoon chatting away working hard.

Food wise, hmmmm... to be honest, I'll say the milkshakes look better than they taste. They aren't bad, but they lack the rich, milky taste of thick ice cream which is what I usually want in a milkshake... theirs is a little watered down and a tad too sweet, kinda like melted King's or Wall's ice cream which I actually do enjoy normally, but maybe not at $16 before taxes.

Mac & Cheeeeeeeeese

BUT I'll go back to them for their food (I remember their mains to be affordably priced at less than $20 a pop) and cakes. My milkshake came with a wedge of red velvet cake and it was SO GOOD - I want to return and order a thick slice of it and have it ALL to myself.

That cream cheesing frosting :heart_eyes:

Benjamin Browns
583 Orchard Rd #01-20/21
Forum the Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884
Phone: +65 68874117