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Black Hair Don't Care

5 years ago / beauty / dress up / hair

Going black and never looking back!

Dress: ClubCouture // Accessories: Tiffany & Co, TAG Heuer // Shoes: Charles & Keith

When I was younger, I've always had the typical (maybe boring even) long, straight black hair. Maybe it's because I was in the school's dance ensemble so it's the go-to hairstyle for most dancers as it's the easiest to style for performances and competitions.

Then when I reached 17, I started dyeing my hair and since it's then it's been over a decade of trying to go as light as possible - from darker shades of chestnut when I was in school (obviously against the rules, don't tell my teachers!), to eventually auburn and even ash at one point in time. In fact, I've been going consistently light and lighter over the last few months and toying with the idea of trying out balayage or even the IT granny hair... before I arrived at my trusted Artistry Hair Professional and ended up going the completely opposition direction - BLACK.

Last look at my brown hair!

Now, if you think that black is boring - trust my hairstylist Elein to jazz things up. My hair's black alright but it's a far cry from jet black, it's actually BLUE... no, not like the Smurfs wtf but a very dark variant that looks black under most lighting and shines with a bluish tint under sunlight!

It's not very obvious (I really don't think people will take me very serious if I show up at meetings looking like Marge Simpson) but it adds such character and sleekness, I feel so confident and powerful when I suit up and flirty and alive when I wear my dresses... I also like how fair it instantly makes me look and seriously, it's just hair. LOL.

I usually wear my hair straight these days cause it just looks SO GOOD and ready-to-go thanks to the MUCOTA SCENA TREATMENT. This natural ceramide treatment filled with moisturising sugar not only smells divine but also gave my hair such a smooth and silky finish that has lasted for more than a month and counting. I've come to realise that what makes a person's hair really looks good is not so much of the the style or colour as much as its condition - you can have the most perfect curls or shade of brown but if your hair's dry and frizzled, it just looks terrible - no matter what. Coupled with the Mucoto Dyna Argan Oil treatment I did previously, I literally #wokeuplikethis every morning.

Artistry Hair Professional is conveniently located at International Plaza, right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar.

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