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Black or Brown

5 years ago / beauty / hair

Let’s talk about hair colour!

So last month I spoke about me going black?

I decided I like my black hair a little more than just wayyyyy too much so I've decided to stick with it for a while more!

Plus, I really like how the blue-black shade slowly fades to my original brown... it's like slowly getting a new color every other day!

So after getting my hair killed with all my travels,

I returned to Elein to fix my tresses!

So we dyed it again to this uh-mazing blue-black shade (it has this super edgy tint under sunlight!) and treated it back to life with their MUCOTA Treatment - omg I have so much to rave about this treatment! It's somewhat like rebonding as it straightens your hair for a natural look BUT without that super flat piak piak hair look.

And the best part is, it makes your hair really manageable in terms of styling. I wake up, I wash my hair, I don't even use a hairdryer and it air-dries to this...

And once it starts fading, by the 4th week... it usually looks like this.

This deep chocolate brown which exudes a certain sense of charm and playfulness, no?

And and and, they are currently running a promo where you can get the MUCOTA one-step treatment + haircut at only $58!

(Elein is FANTASTIC with her haircuts by the way. I really like how she layered my fringe to add texture and frame my round face... even when I tie it up!)

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