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Bob Hairstyles That Make You Look Amazing

6 years ago / Hidden

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of changing up my hairstyle… I’m serious! You all are used to seeing me with long hair and I’m actually also used to seeing my hair long because I’ve had long hair as long as I can remember! Well, that’s probably why I think it’s time for me to try something different.

Don’t worry, I haven’t called my stylist yet! Now I’m looking for the perfect haircut for my makeover.

I’ve already looked through lots of various bob hairstyles and… I’m really confused now. I mean, it’s just so hard to figure out what cut suits me best! So, I don’t know what style to choose because they’re all awesome. I hope you help me. Check out some of my favorite bob hairstyles and just help me make up my mind. However, it may happen that my gorgeous examples will inspire you and you can find your new look among them.


Bobs are known as a classic and timeless hairstyle and, of course, there are many different types of bobs. Bob hairstyles vary in length, colors, textures, and generally, they can highlight your business image as well as make you look romantic and flirty.

Low & Shoulder-Length Bob

I don’t even know what bob hairstyle fits her best? They both are gorgeous and cool.

Long Sleek Bob

It’s great! Just GREAT!

Center-Parted Blunt Bob

I love center-parted hairstyles, that’s why this picture among my favorite bobs. But I’m not sure that this color combination is right for me. And what do you think?

Cleopatra Bob

This bob helps every girl feel like a queen!

Messy Textured Bob

In the case, if I want to change up not only my hairstyle and hair length but also my hair color, I think such style will flatter me!

Messy Side-Swept Shaggy Bob with Charming Waves

I find this look really cute and comfortable for everyday routine. Am I right?

Angled Textured Bob with Blonde Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs can highlight the look and completely change it. I find this short bob with bangs rather interesting and chic.

Elegant Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

A light wave makes this style more sophisticated as well as the side-swept bangs more mysterious.


Not so long, not so short, it means chin-length! A good option if you can’t decide what hair length you want to have.

Chin-Length Bob with Dyed Bangs

This is a rather bold step, but it will stand out from the crowd! The dyed bangs create a wonderful combination with the smooth black bob.

Classic Bob with Thick Bangs

A classic chin-length bob commonly frames the face and highlights the cheekbones. The straight, thick bangs complete an elegant business-like image. I’m interested in this look.

Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob with Side Part and Flirty Bangs

Oh, that’s so charming and subtle style!

Layered Punky Bob

Dark pink color with the layered asymmetrical bob looks weird and stylish. Why not?

Asymmetrical and Shaved Side Bob

As you see, it’s just one step from asymmetry to a shaved side.

Well, have you already guessed what hairstyle I love the most? What type of bob would suit me best? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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