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Botox and Fillers at Halley Medical Aesthetics

5 years ago / beauty / halley

Here's to a smaller and more defined face!

Remember a few months back I had forehead and cheek fillers done at Halley Medical Aesthetics?

Well, I decided to level up my game by getting fillers done at more areas of my face, more specifically - my nose, chin, tear trough (undereye) and nasolabial lines (also know as laugh lines).

I also got Botox done at my jaw for a slimmer face.

While it sounds like A LOT, it's actually very little work done lah (you'll see the before/after pics in a bit!) so it's not like I look like I went to Korea for a total plastic surgery revamp but I definitely think that I look better these days :)

And it's not just me ok... my friends think so too. They often go like "Eh there's something about you..." when we meet.


Ok, so back to my face.


What I didn't like about my face:

  • lack of a nose bridge (my specs kept slipping off my nose like Little Red Riding Hood's granny)

  • hollow area under the eyes

  • deep laugh lines

  • broad face

  • square chin

  • generally starting to look tired and haggard


I was recommended Juvederm Voluma (which is a firmer filler) for my nose and chin and the softer Volift for my tear trough and nasolabial lines.

Also, Botox was done at my jaw.

Some of the common questions are:

Did it hurt?

If I can swear I will haha. But I'll promise you it doesn't. And you guys know how much of a scaredy-cat I am (I'm even thinking of how I can deliver my child next time under GA) so when I say it doesn't hurt, it REALLY doesn't.


How do you know which area of your face do you need your fillers at?

Truth is, I don't. That's why it's important to see a doctor who can recommend things that you need rather than what you THINK you want (based on hearsay / your imagination/ random info found on the Internet) and with a good sense of aesthetics to be able to picture how your face can be better. It is NOT just technical skills here. So far, I have recommended Dr Terence Tan to quite a few friends of mine because I feel that he is very genuine about helping his patients to look better rather than just hard-selling things we don't even need.

How long does it take to see results?

For fillers, it is immediate but for Botox, it takes about 2 weeks to see the full effects of the procedure. For the jawline, it works by paralysing the muscle to give the appearance of a smaller face.

Is the effect permanent?

Nope. Fillers typically last at least 1.5 years while Botox about 6 to 8 months. Anyway, if you really don't like how your face looks after hyaluronic fillers (which I highly doubt tbh), then you can have them dissolved immediately.


Any downtime?

None for me. No bruising, no nothing.

How much does it cost?

Jaw shaping Botox costs $690 while Juvederm Voluma costs $830 (per syringe) and Juvederm Volift costs $820 (per syringe). STo be honest, the cost will differ on how much fillers / Botox you need and which areas you're looking at. So I cannot tell you exactly how much it'll cost you BUT I can definitely assure you that Halley is very transparent about prices. No hidden charges, no upselling that kinda nonsense. They list almost all their prices on their website anyway.

Will I get addicted to it?

Errrr... medically speaking this is not like heroin??? So I'm not sure how does that work. But if you like the way you look, then you might want to carry on with the procedures every two years to maintain it. (Like me! Haha)

Does it harm the body?

Again, nope. Your body will naturally break these compounds down. But I wouldn't recommend you to do them while you're preggers.

So how do you look now?

Finally, my favourite questions because I CAN NOW SPAM ALL MY SELFIES.


Please pay attention to my nose (that bridge!) and how much smaller my face is now.

Even when I'm pmsing and water retention is damn bad, this is the ROUNDEST my face will get.

In fact, I was recently looking through my wedding pictures cause our anniversary's coming up...

I definitely look much better now haha.


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