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bridesmaid dresses!

8 years ago / clubcouture / wedding

So between 2 weddings and 5 bridesmaids, I will have a total of 4 designs!

For the Rochester wedding, while the theme of the decor is tiffany blue-esque, my babes are going to be wearing black dresses! Cause I don’t want them to look like my table runners la haha.


When Simin first got the dress! So hot ;) Some alteration is needed for the sleeves but I think this is PERFECT for the dinner reception! So Audrey Hepburn / Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Then for the family wedding, in the day we still have to fetch the bride (NO gatecrashing!!!), do the tea ceremony etc and the colour scheme for the wedding entourage is still robin egg blue (make my life easier heh).

My sister will be wearing:


While Garry’s sister will be wearing:


Not getting the friends involved for this wedding cause I’d feel damn bad to take up 2 of their weekends in a row.

The groomsmen will be wearing ties in a matching colour :)

All dresses lovingly made by ClubCouture of course - drop me a message at [email protected] if anything here catches your fancy?

We have been getting quite a few requests for bridesmaids dresses lately! Some example of what we’d done previously:


For Pauline’s wedding :)



For Holly Jean’s wedding!

I think quality is very important when it comes to bridesmaids dresses - a bad choice of poorly made dresses might just make the entire wedding look cheap :(

But most importantly, I want to give my girls a dress that they would want to wear again for future functions, dates etc. Not some “costume” they will toss aside after the wedding.

Remember the fugly bridesmaids dresses from 27 Dresses?



As for the Chinese wedding dinner, I’m still trying to finalise the chingchong dress/ outfit.. any ideas? :)