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Brissy Brisbane

4 years ago / travel / australia / brisbane

Mostly food and random photos of me acting chio.

Extremely inspired to complete my Australia visit cause the hubs is back there now for work and I'm not there... cause I gotta work too maybe? And he keeps sending me pictures after pictures of the food he's eating (perfectly pink steak with homemade Hollandaise sauce? AND AVOCADO?!) - just kill me already!

I sometimes upload these pictures on Insta story so you can commiserate with me over there. "Oh here's a picture from my ocean-view apartment, baby." When I look out of my window to see my botak singlet-clad ah pek neighbour doing some weird stretches... I don't even want to know WHAT FOR.

(By the way, before you think Ah Gong is paying good money for 'em to enjoy life over there, the answer is a flat no. In fact, they work very hard - I barely speak to him for more than a few min each there and by that I mean text - and every thing else including the tim tam he buys for me are from their own pocket.)

So anyway, back to my travels.

We drove from Toowoomba to Brisbane on a Saturday morning for me to catch the Sunday evening flight. Sigh. 5 years in and I STILL can't do airport goodbyes... I ended up crying SO MUCH we pretty much decided that maybe I should never visit him again.

First stop was Yum Cha which is supposedly one of the best dim sum places in Brisbane (I swear every Chinese family in the city was there) but one of the worst brunches I've had in my life. BUT I was really craving Chinese food after two weeks of burgers and pizzas so well...

The Facebook Live video we did then when Live was still a... thing. And I looked so YOUNG then hehe.

Then I made him drive me around so I can snap some OOTDs...

Mainly cause I have a thing for post boxes. (I did it again in Taiwan btw lol)

And cause my necklace is SUPER COOL! #potterhead #foreverandever

Who did it better? Lol

Ended the night at the Eat Street Markets which like the name suggests, are streets and streets of food.

I don't remember much about the market except for the funnel cakes cause the girls serving it were DAMN HOT.

And this crispy roasted pork belly. Otherwise known as siu yok.

Oh oh, and the zucchini fries were amazing too.

(Rest of my Australia lyfe over here)