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Brooklyn Bridge

4 years ago / travel / personal / new york

My favourite pictures from New York + some catching up!

Hi guys!

So... it's been a while since my last "proper" catchup so I thought I'd do it with my favourite set of pictures from New York. Can't believe it's been over a month since I returned, time really passes so fast these days it's scary!

These pictures were taken at the Brooklyn Bridge when I tried to reach there by sunrise to catch my favourite light and not have hordes of tourists in my shots. But as it turned out, by the time we got there at 7am (which was quite an adventure in itself cause apparently just entering "Brooklyn Bridge" as your destination in Uber isn't the best idea wtf), people were commuting to work so there will be that random person riding by in his citi bike while I swish my tutu skirt around. But I definitely ain't complaining - it's probably one of my favourite memories of New York!

Anyway, here's some update about what's happening in my lyfe right now:

1) Work. Remember how I was leaving all those cryptic messages about what we were getting up to? FINALLY we are at the last lap and if all goes well, I can roll things out officially come end January and share the news with everyone. And I really mean everyone... my Dad thinks I've become a tour guide wtf. I wish! All those travels we've been taking have been for work, with the exception of #GoJapan2016 which was my semi-annual Japan trip with the hubs and the first vacay with the entire family... which was quite an experience. If you're planning a massive trip with the whole gin gang including the older folks and kids, I kinda wrote about my experience here that you might want to take a look at.

2) I am Phat. Ok, I can't think of a better sub-header but yes, I am now the fattest I've been ALL YEAR. I've since gained 2kg from... I don't know, all that lamb over rice in New York? And in general, just a very major lack of discipline to stay away from carbs and desserts and ice cream. I have been having ice cream almost everyday?! I'm on the verge of telling myself to just give up on life ("let it go... let it go...") for the rest of the year and just try to get back in shape come Jan 2017.

3) Yoga. I still hate exercising by the way. I don't wake up thinking "I can't wait for yoga later!"... in fact, every morning I find 1234567 excuses NOT to go for class (my car looks like it needs a wash, that email looks urgent, maybe I should work on my photos backlog...) but I still manage (thank god!) to drag my sorry ass to class and I always feel thankful after that I survived lol and super glad that I'd forced myself to go.

4) Christmas is coming! I still don't know what I want to do for the weekend... toying between doing a staycation here in Singapore (though the hubs absolutely HATES staycays lol. To him it's like a weekend in a smaller room without the comforts of home wtf) or taking off to Bangkok. I kinda miss having Pizza Company with cheap wine and watching HBO while admiring the view of the Chao Phraya river from our room at Lebua. Sigh.

5) I haven't been cooking or baking lately and I really miss being in the kitchen. There are so many recipes I wanna try! Such as this frozen hot chocolate that supposedly tastes as good as the one I had at Serendipity 3 and this guacamole onion rings cause srsly, avocado + fried food?! We are throwing a couple of house parties this month so maybe I'll make the onion rings or try my hand at this matcha panna cotta and let you guys know how it goes.

6) Antioxidants. I had a health scare earlier this year... it's not difficult to guess now that I've mentioned antioxidants but yup, I've been adding more berries, tomatoes and whole grains to my diet and of course, dark chocolate too lol.

7) Coffee. Tryna cut down on my caffeine intake and some days I even go for a decaf cuppa. The other day I ordered what seemed like to me, the most pretentious drink at Starbucks (decaf nonfat sugar-free vanilla frappuccino...) and I think I probably got judged to death for my chemical-ish no fat, no sugar, no caffeine concoction.

8) Twenty-six. I just spent the entire morning throwing out makeup (and trying not to cry myself a river... I get SO ridiculously sentimental it's not funny. Like oh I remember I once wore that lipstick to Zouk. And useless facts like where did I exactly purchase a particular palette...) and after much debate (with myself wtf), I've finally concluded that in my life right now, all I need is just twenty-six sticks of lipstick.