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Bukit Batok By-Election

5 years ago / personal / working girl

Some quick thoughts about the BBBE.

By the time I publish this post - depending on how long I take to draft it and how much rubbish I have to say haha, THE Bukit Batok by-election should have concluded.

I have refrained from writing too much anything about this election and GE2015 because well, I don't know if my thoughts will sit well with most people.

And also cause they are quite shallow one lah. Hahaha.

But if you suddenly decide now at the eleventh hour that you want to know what exactly has been going on with this by-election, then you can check this out, as well as all the coverage we have been posting on Unscrambled.

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Ok, shameless plug over.

So back to BBBE, before I left for Bangkok, I attended a studio discussion session where we erm, talked about the elections in Bukit Batok. HAHA.

(Sorry, face looks like shit cause I forgot they were recording that day and I neh apply makeup -_-)

Without going into who I personally support (cause it doesn't matter since I'm not a BB resident), here are some thoughts I have about this whole elections thingamajig and politics in Singapore as a whole:

  • I find the whole Full-time MP vs. Part-time MP debate pretty redundant: Does being "full-time" really mean you'll be working more on something? Speaking from my own perspective, (btw I'm a HUGE workaholic - I mean hello, I'm typing this at 6pm on a Saturday evening when the whole world is celebrating Mother's Day lol), you can claim to be something full-time simply because you're NOT doing anything else i.e. I can spend 22 hours of my day sleeping and watching Netflix and 2 hours working and call myself a full-time entrepreneur or whatever snazzy term lol.

  • They keep saying Now Is The Time - but erm, time for what?

  • In a nutshell, I think this fight is NOT between SDP and PAP and neither is it between Murali and Chee but frankly, it's between PAP and Chee. People are either gonna vote for Chee or for the PAP. Also, everybody keeps saying that this is Chee's "last chance" to get into parliament but no lah, I don't think he's gonna disappear anytime soon... Btw I still remember him rallying outside the Istana when I was a kid. (Fine, I was 17... )

  • Interestingly, the discussion talked about social media (finally, something I can identify with!) and its impact on elections in Singapore on a whole and panelist Derek da Cunha made a very valid point that,

You cannot have a social media election in Singapore as long as you have compulsory voting, whereby a huge segment of voters… are not interested in politics at all… If you have compulsory voting, you are getting people who are what I call marginal voters… people are [just] putting the ‘x’ against the lightning symbol – we do not know what proportion that is.


Esp regarding GE2015 and how the results may or may not reflect the sentiments on your Facebook feed, to your liking or not lol.

So anyway, 1.5 hours till the polls close and 83 per cent of residents have voted by 5pm so well,


May the odds be ever in your favor.