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7 years ago / married life / personal

A little reminiscence about the boy and I

Uploaded this on IG last night… Too many random thoughts before falling asleep these days!

Anyway, the first part of the quote above got me thinking about the boy and I, not on a completely unrelated note.

You see, the boy wasn’t always this massive cockster. Before we got together / during the earlier stages of our dating history, he used to be this suave, smooth, savvy sorta dude (I know it’s damn hard to believe, which is why I’m penning this down for my own memories too) and we used to do the fancy - pansy wine and dine kinda dates. (Now everyday bring me eat charkwaytiao only fml)

And we would party a lot on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes together, sometimes separately with our own friends.

There was one particular Saturday night… or rather Sunday morning at 5am, when I just came back from a late night out. Logged on to MSN and he was online too so we chatted for a bit… he suddenly stopped replying for about 10 minutes and the next thing I knew, he told me he was outside my house and asked me to come out right away.

(Luckily I haven’t removed makeup yet lol).

I asked him what the hell he was doing here at 530 in the morning.. and he replied “Nothing. Just felt like seeing you. Right now.”

I swear all the butterflies in my tummy were released at that very instant.

We ended up catching the sunrise at East Coast Park that morning :)