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2 years ago / lifestyle / being mommy

Hi, my name is Flora and I'm a shopaholic.

I think it's no secret now that I loveeeeeeee shopping. More specifically, online shopping. It's my guilty pleasure these days as soon as bubs goes to bed.

As much as I enjoy shopping for myself, I've got to admit that I spend more on stuff for bubs than for myself these days.

Especially clothes omg. Miniature socks, shoes and even hats? Just take my money!

I usually dress Nate in Ralph Lauren (like that sweater you see on him here) and let me tell you a little protip, it is MUCH CHEAPER to buy their apparel and shoes from their US website.

Did somebody say jersey tees for $11.99? Shortalls starting from $35? And shoes for $32? Yup. And the best part, take an additional 30% off these prices. (Don't quote me, but RL seems to always have a sale every other week which allows you to take 30% off many items!)

So naturally, I took advantage of their Mother's Day promo (I don't know why I spend Mother's Day buying stuff for my child instead of HIM buying stuff for me hahaha...) and bought more stuff from them.

You might want to know that the US site doesn't ship to Singapore though, so here's protip #2 -

For those who are avid online shoppers from international sites, you would probably be already familiar with the concept of freight forwarders. But for those who don't, BuyandShip is essentially a forwarding company with warehouses in US, UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, thus allowing you to shop from most online retailers in these countries and ship it directly to your doorstep in Singapore. You will then get to save on international shipping by taking advantage of the free domestic shipping offered from various sellers and platforms from these countries, on top of the savings that you have buying from the home country of certain brands!

Here's bubs inspecting his goods...

If you are wondering,

Here's what I got him. Everything here added up to just US$36 and shipping a box like that via BuyandShip from USA to Singapore cost me just S$10!


It was sent to my place via local courier and honestly, I still can't believe the price.

Time frame wise, it took about 10 days from the date I placed my order for my parcel to reach me, which is a reasonable period for international shipping methinks.

I've been using such forwarding services for more than 10 years now and besides the competitive pricing BuyandShip offers, I also have to mention how user-friendly their dashboard is.

And here's protip #3 - while you can shop from any US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea or Taiwan website, the team at BuyandShip does a very good job at scouring the Internet for great deals that they diligently update at the 'Discount' page of their website. From clothes to shoes to jewelry and even food, you're covered. Do remember to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Summer/ June sales and make use of the opportunity to score your Father's Day pressies!

Additionally, BuyandShip will be launching a new warehouse soon for Italy so imagine all the luxury Italian brands you now have access to!

(And yes, my dear, there will definitely be more stuff for you coming your way.)

Check out BuyandShip today! xx