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Can you help give him a jawline?

5 years ago / married life / working girl

All I wanted was a little photoshop help.

Today, the boy and I celebrate our THIRD wedding anniversary.

Spot his comment zzz.

OMG yes, it's been three years!

So to keep up with tradition,

This was last year in Malaysia. A&W already closed down in Singapore longgggg ago.

We decided to have fried chicken again.

Maybe it's all the fried chicken and grape soda we have been having, but erm, 365 days later I'm pretty sure his jawline is a little less...defined.

So I decided to ask photoshop maestro Zach for help.

Take 1


Take 2


Well, he's clearly lying. Because...

Take 3



At least my second-in-command photographer knows me better.


Now, you can call me Mrs Gosling.