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7 years ago / food / beauty

Candyfloss Nutmylk from Beauty Cleanse!

(Sponsored Post)

You guys remember the juice cleanse I very enthusiastically went on a few months ago?

Truth is, it was supposed to be a 3 day cleanse and I had aborted it on the second day because there was just TOO much celery. I hate celery with a vengeance and after 1 day of pinching-my-nose and-furiously-gulping-down-all-the-juice and trying my best to hold the vomit in… I just couldn’t bring myself to go through day 2 of torture.


Even the mother-in-law couldn’t help me get through that ordeal.

It was a sponsored post actually, so in the end I decided to refund the company and pay them for the juices - and the boy’s sister happily got a free 2 day cleanse.

So when I chanced upon Beauty Cleanse, I initially thought they were just another juice cleanse company then something on their website caught my eye…

Their Candy Floss Nutmylk series!

Even the name sounds delicious already. I love nut milks.. the idea of a rich, smooth, velvety blend going down my throat.. mmm.

The Candyfloss Nutmylk series includes:

  • Black Sesame Nutmylk – Keep your hair and skin soft with this scrumptious twist to the traditional Asian dessert.
  • Marshmallow Nutmylk – Fall head over heels in love with this cute baby pink Nutmylk. Guaranteed to make you swoon with delight.
  • Green Tea Nutmylk – Matcha fanatics can now indulge in a full palette of smooth complex flavours that end in a silky finish.
  • Chocolate Nutmylk – Deliciously luxurious creamy chocolate flowing down your throat and sending tingles of pleasure through your entire body.
  • Coffee (decaf) Nutmylk – Calories be gone with the absence of sugar, milk and creamer! Let yourself be completely win over by this Nutmylk’s gorgeously crisp aroma and bright flavour!
  • Original Nutmylk – The original classic and your favourite before-bed comfort drink. Sweet dreams!

To be honest, I love them all!

But if I really, really, really have to choose one it’ll be the chocolate. Damn it was sooo delicious.. like a milkshake but wayyyy healthier!

And forgiving on the hips too.

First in Singapore of its kind, these Nutmylks are entirely sinless and guilt-free. Dairy-free and gluten-free, they are produced only from raw nuts and contains absolutely no trace of milk. (Which is great news for me because I’m actually lactose intolerant… too much milk gives me pimples that take WEEKS to clear)

Though not suitable for a cleanse or detox, they are perfect for a morning brekkie, lunchtime meal replacement, tea time munchie, and bed time comfort drink!

Available now in a 6-bottles-pack at Beauty Cleanse at an affordable price of $95. Use code Floraisabelle to get 10% off!