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'Cause in a sky full of stars

5 years ago / dress up / working girl

I think I see you.

Okay, pardon the typical-act-one-emo-influencer title and summary but, I needed a post to specially upload the extra photos we took that day after the #GetActiveSG filming... it was about to rain, the crowds were clearing up and we sneaked in to capture these few shots before we got chased away cause of the looming Cat 1 rain.

A sky full of stars is on my current playlist (though it's not so current anymore I know), along with:

  • Secret Love Song
  • Do you wanna come over? (yessss, it's Britney, bitch!)
  • Still Falling For You
  • Cold Water

And if you're judging me cause Bieber, well...

The lyrics don't make sense, the MV if you watch it is best described as "the conversation at the beginning, sounds like a crappy script from a low budget porn video haha" from the YouTube comments lol BUT it is incredibly catchy and keeps me awake when I drive at night. Especially when I finally leave office at midnight. By the way, I have been sleeping REALLY early these days and waking up at 5:30am wtf.

In other news, the outfit brief for the stint was simply, erm sporty, but sun protection is real (for me) so I basically survived with my trusty H&M yoga pants, AIRism UV Cut Mesh Hoodie from Uniqlo that supposedly cuts 90% of UV rays and a whole bottle of the L'Oreal UV PERFECT AQUA ESSENCE CITY MIST that is meant for the face BUT I use it day in and out on my body cause the super light spray-on texture is crazy amazing!