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Cedar Girls' 60th Anniversary

4 years ago / personal

Back to school! A good 16 years later...

I gotta admit, I was hardly the model student. Actually I'm quite sure I don't need to admit it for you to know at one glance lol but yeah, I definitely wasn't student council material.

But one of the best parts of my teenage life has got to be my secondary school days. I wish I could say I LOVED my calculus and Fleming's left-hand rule lessons hahaha (though literature class wasn't too bad) but most of my memories are of the time spent gallivanting around Orchard after school in our blue-grey uniform, hours after hours of dance practice, the annual national track and field championships and oh oh oh, the legendary jogging sessions... I wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

Not to forget the friendship forged too, some of my closest girlfriends today are my Cedar girls!

I was back at my alma mater recently for our 60th Anniversary and tbh, I was a little shocked surprised when my ex-teacher dropped me a message and A LOT more shocked when he told me I should join them in running 60 rounds around the track.... hahaha. ME RUN?

The only cardio I do these days is shopping please lol.

(Btw quick math, 60 x 400m is 24KM!!!!!)

But they ran, the school ran, while I do what I do best...

Anyway I got the finisher badge too lol.

To be honest, the place hasn't changed much... I mean it's swankier than before with all the new facilities, there is also now a lot more yellow than I remember but the classroom blocks still pretty much remind me of my days there 16 years ago. And the Cedar Spirit (sorry, cheesy lah I know but it's true!!!!) is still as chilling as before. I had SHIVERS down my spine when I heard them sing the school song.

It feels kinda surreal to see your junior college and secondary school coming together

Also, I'm not sure if it's my imagination or just looking at things in retrospect, but the kids these days seem a lot more disciplined, well-mannered and less difficult than me and my bunch... or maybe we weren't that bad after all? :joy: