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The Cetaphil Experience 2016

5 years ago / travel / popular / beauty / bali / cetaphil

A Bali good experience!

Hey everyone! Remember a few weeks back I was in Bali for The Cetaphil Experience 2016?

It was truly an experience of a lifetime at the gorgeous cliffside Karma Kandara resort with 26 other bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand (coincidentally, Nui was also there!!!), Philippines and Vietnam and for 4 whole days, we didn't leave the resort.

I mean, why would we need to? When we had our own luxurious villa,

Complete with our own private pool!

Sun protection is extremely important btw - read on to find out why.

Besides waking up to the most beautiful sunrise, getting spoiled with good food and the insanely fun company,

Team Singapore!

We were also treated to the most indulgent spa I've ever had.

Imagine being gently kneaded and falling asleep to the crashing of the waves?


My highlight of this renewing skincare retreat was the various workshops we attended to learn more about skincare and to embrace Skin Confidence with skincare experts and beauty and life coach, Martina Fink.

One of the most rewarding workshops for me was the one on Skincare Myth Busters - you see, I'm an extremely paranoid analytical person and I like to do things by logic and with sufficient scientific research. I apply this to all aspects of my life, even to what time I should drink water daily to clock 2 litres lol, and of course I pay a lot of attention to the skincare I apply on my face. Especially since I have extremely sensitive skin, I like to know WHAT I'm applying on my face (always read the ingredient labels!) and whether what I'm applying (and spending good money on) actually does anything for my skin.

Tracy Chean, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Galderma South East Asia, turned out to be a friend of a friend and we had actually went to university together lol. She is also a trained and licensed pharmacist and through her workshops, we went through several common myths sold to us by companies and I really liked how everything was very factual with minimal emphasis on the need to use Cetaphil products.

Here's what I learned!

1) It is NOT possible to nourish the deep layer of your skin

The topmost layer of the skin is made up of dead skin cells and hence expensive vitamins and minerals may not be able to get into the deep layer of your skin, contrary to what we often think.

2) Cosmetic products can NOT remove or reduce fine lines and wrinkles permanently

This was a heartbreaking moment for me when I learnt that the only proven preventative cosmetic measure against premature ageing is applying SPF diligently, even when indoors. While there are a few products that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, the only permanent solution involves medical procedures conducted by doctors.

3) "Cosmeceutical" does NOT exist

Or rather, the term was coined to describe cosmetic products with some level (proven or not) of special benefit over regular cosmetic products. So while the word exists, it is merely a marketing term and not legally recognised as a standalone category by health authorities around the world.

You can find the answers to some other common and not-so-common skin myths such as whether chocolate and soda cause pimples on the Cetaphil Singapore Facebook page PLUS, you could also win yourself some prizes too!

It was truly a refreshing and rejuvenating experience and I have SO much more to share! I'll be posting more #FloraIsabellexCetaphil updates on my Facebook page so be sure to join me there ok?


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