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Checking in

6 years ago / married life / personal

Like, quite literally. I'm at the airport now!

Quick check-in here as I'm in real life, queuing up to check in at the airport right now. Talk about life and its ironies.

Anyhow, today marks Day 10 of the husband being away. ALREADY?

I'm actually holding up a lot better than I thought! In between the insane workload 'cause of some new projects I've taken on (ohh the excitement of working with startups!), badgering asking people very nicely to vote for me and the travels, sometimes all I have is a couple of minutes every night to text him about my day (but really, it's just to use these fancy ANIMATED Marie stickers I got on Line!!) before I hit the sack.

Coupled with HIS own insane flying hours and the time difference between us... let's just say we have a lot of catching up to do when he's back.

I was actually REALLY bummed that I'm not visiting him this time round cause I was so looking forward to going back to Toowoomba and you know, get away from the insane heat here but tickets on SIA were an exorbitant $1900 for ECONOMY so it really didn't make cents (geddit? hahahaha) to pay that money PLUS burn my own tickets for this flight (that I'm boarding now lah.)

But it's ok! We often half-joke that we should work a little harder now so that we can retire at our dream house by the sea where he can fish all day and I will bake fancy cupcakes with all that frosting jazz. I say half-joke because the fishing part is true... but the baking part :innocent:

Okay got to go now! Thank you Zach for these lovely pictures!

And this behind the scenes shot... TOO REAL. :joy: