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checking in

7 years ago / personal

Life and its ways indeed.

Realised I haven’t written in here properly in here for the longest time.

All the updates in the past few months have been so blogger wannabe wtf. You know, with all the lifestyle & travel posts (and I am still not done with Japan and there’s still Hong Kong and Macau to go. Not forgetting the wedding too…) and I guess a large part of it is because yours truly hopped onto the Instagram bandwagon 6 months ago.

And suddenly I’ve become so preoccupied with everything Instagram worthy. I sometimes find myself choosing restaurants and ordering certain desserts solely because I think they are pretty enough to go on the photo sharing platform.

I really miss just penning my thoughts in here like the good old days. I remember sitting by my window in Bangkok, looking at the bright lights of CentralWorld and just typing down random midnight thoughts.

I also remember all those times from years ago that I’m due to fly in a few hours and somehow, I always end up back on my laptop typing away about how kancheong I was -

which brings me to the point of this post.

I just felt like writing because I need to be at the airport in 5 hours.

Never mind that my bags are unpacked, that I need to get a blowout and that my grammar is quite atrocious these days from the sheer lack of writing.

Flying off to Taipei this time round for both business and pleasure - I guess when your job is your life, there is never a line between work and play but I love it when they coincide somehow. By some strange divine intervention, my VJC babes will be there too (we seriously all booked our flights separately without prior planning with each other) and you know what? Exactly 12 years ago, we were all there in Taipei together for our college’s Taiwan Immersion Programme.

So we’re going to meet up with our host partners after a decade, and stuff ourselves silly just like the good old days, this time with the husbands/ boyfriends in tow, and with a lot more alcohol.

And to add a little more spice to this strange coincidence, I discovered that the guy I dated when I was 17 will also be there for the weekend. So while we talk about meeting up for drinks, I also inevitably recall how over ten years ago, I was there in Taipei crying at a payphone - oh how embarrassing is puppy love.

Life and its ways indeed.