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Lo and behold, the Perth diaries continue!

Photos snapped by Carrie

Decided to continue my Perth diaries because... I'm dying to go to Australia right now! Maybe it's cause of the heat we are getting here (plus the fact that I'm dying for a vacay - this always happens when I'm swamped with work) but all I can think about is gimme my winter, road trips and GUACAMOLE. The hubs might be getting a Australian posting in June - I don't want to jinx it! - and the only reason why I can't wait to visit is cause I want to head to Woolworths and get my hands on all the cheese dips and polish them off with chips. * fat girl mode ON *


I'm sucha easy girl to please.


Yup, that's all we talk about these days. #marriagegoals totally lol

So anyway, these pictures were taken at Perth's Margaret River - at Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery to be exact. It's a pretty long drive from the city, made good by copious amounts of Lion King techno (I kid you not - there's really such a thing. The things I learn thanks to DJ Cheryl wtf), clear skies for days and screaming at that bitch of a GPS. (The real Google bitch - NOT my travel companions HAHA)

(By the way, on the drive back, we ended up running out of petrol... on the freeway wtf. I swear we totally had a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie moment when the fuel light came on and Victoria very innocently asked "I think we are out of petrol?" - you should see how the frantic blonde that I never knew was in me all along suddenly emerge wtf.)

My fondest memories of the place - other than running out of gas lol - will be the fish & chips (which incidentally, was practically what Carrie and I ordered every single day at every single meal) and the gorgeous outdoors - perfect for spending an idyllic afternoon by the lake? pond? river?... when it isn't so cold out of course. I'm not sure if you can tell that I was absolutely FROZEN in these pictures - I distinctively remember the moment Cheryl threw my coat on me as soon as the last frame was snapped... aye, the things we do for the camera.

By the way, I just spent the weekend trying to put together a video adv for a client and to be honest, I'm such a BAD actress I amuse even myself wtf. I can't wait to share with you guys the video (it's not meant to be a comedy! :sob: I'm a very serious person okay) and hopefully, it'll get me the attention I've always wanted to have my own Keeping Up With reality TV series lol.

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