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Christmas Giveaway!

4 years ago / beauty / personal

My haul from Japan + more importantly, GIVEAWAY!!!

Omg I can't believe it's already December! Like omg mid December.. like omfg we will end 2016 in 2 weeks?!?!?!?!?

ANYWAY, I was not-so-recently in Japan where I happily lugged back quite a few (ok fine, a lot) of beauty products and I really want to share about them (I paid for everything, nothing's sponsored lolol) with you guys!

Japan is my mecca for beauty products (and food!) and twice a year I make my pilgrimage there to stock up on essentials such as hair conditioner, facial cleansers and eyelid tape - which is THE most important. I have uneven lids and I have tried practically every brand available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and I still swear by this particular brand from Japan. It's so good I want to bring it into Singapore to sell - like you know, lolol.

More importantly, you should watch my video right to the end cause I've included a GIVEAWAY!!! (cause it's Christmas!) of Jill Stuart and Mac makeup that I brought all the way back from New York (pre-order some more wtf) only to realise that it's also available here. But the last I checked, it's sold out!!! Hahahaha. So yes, maybe you can win it from here! Also, I'm opening this to my international readers as well so it really doesn't matter where you live!

All you have to do is email me [email protected] telling me which item you would like to receive :) It'll also be nice if you could share a little more with me about yourself like how did you discover this blog or start following me on Instagram, if there are any post/s that you particularly like and what would you want me to do more or talk about? Anything really! So at least I know I'm not #foreveralone and talking to myself lah hahaha.

Thank you once again for following me through yet another uneventful year (I mean, it's not like I got married again hahah) and I wish you guys a very, very, very, very Merry Christmas!!!!