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If the shoe fits

6 years ago / lifestyle

A shoe-paholic affair at [email protected]!


Calling all Cinderellas!

When I was a child, Cinderella was my favourite Disney princess! I used to watch it every single day, sometimes twice a day even, on the VCR (remember those???)

I even named my first hamster Gus Gus.


You know, after this fella from the cartoon?

Anyways, [email protected] is now holding a Cinderella-inspired hashtag contest where you can try on 180 shoes and stand to win attractive prizes!

The event is happening from 8 to 15 March at the Atrium, which is the area in front of Cotton On on Level 1 of [email protected]

All you need is to try on any shoe that fits, snap a shoefie, post it on Instagram and hashtag #313fittheshoe.

Don't forget to set your profile to public!

You could be one of 12 lucky Cinderellas to win a $100 shopping voucher from [email protected]!

Heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, slippers and boots of different sizes and style will be on display, as well as a Cinderella glass slipper and a few limited edition collectors’ sneakers.

Here's my take:

I particularly like this pair of sneakers soooooooo much! Andy Warhol!!!

For more info, check out the [email protected] website and Facebook page.